Yun Express Shipping – All You Need To Know

Yun Express is a relatively new China-based logistics company founded in 2014 that transports Amazon packages and purchases from Chinese Amazon and another giant merchant/marketplace warehouses and third-party warehouses to those internationally by air or sea.

Employing over 800 logistics professionals and holding 10 cargo locations across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, and the United States has allowed Yun Express to prove that they have the potential to grow into a strong contender for shipping eCommerce cargo to worldwide markets quickly and efficiently. 

YunExpress is also known as Yuntu Global Line or Yunto Logistics Express.

Yun-Express shipping services

Why Choose Yun Express Over Its Competitors?

Yun Express isn’t necessarily its own shipping company. It works with shipping partners like a broker, liaising between large Chinese merchants (like eBay, Amazon, Wish, etc.) and shipping companies to speed up the delivery process. Couriers pick up parcels and deliver them to Yun Express where they then arrange for the parcel to be delivered to their destination country where the next shipping partner takes over. 

Whereas other shipping companies require the customer to arrange for everything to ensure it gets to its destination successfully (think lengthy customs processes), Yun Express specializes in air and sea freight, having amalgamated a proven track record and method for efficiency.

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Yun Express Shipping Rates

You can find out the estimated price of a shipment by using the Price Query Function on the Yun Express website. This function uses the original shipping location of either South, East, Southeast, or West China (as well as Shenzhen or Guangzhou), the destination country, as well as the weight of the parcel being shipped to estimate the cost. 

If YunExpress shipments come with a tracking number, often, the recipient will receive a message such as “Package arrived at the carrier facility (Yunexpress’s Track End)” once it has arrived in its destination country. This only means that it has been transferred to the warehouse which will distribute parcels to residential addresses from there. 

Different shipping rates offered by Yun Express starting from the most cost-effective yet the longest delivery include:

  • Yun Express Standard – EUB (A 1 pound shipment from Guangdong to the USA would cost approximately ¥100 in total fees and arrive in 10-15 business days)
  • Yun Express Ping Post – Economy
  • Yun Express Standard- Registrar (7 to 25 days for a parcel to arrive in the USA from China)
  • Yun Express Fast-dedicated line
  • Yun Express Fast-Express
  • Yun Express Flat Mail – Priority

Yun Express has also partnered with DHL Express to commit to even faster deliveries to international locations within 4 to 6 business days. Most shipments sent through the cheaper methods of shipping arrive at their destination anywhere from 14-30 days and may take months.

Costs, however, match those of competitors so YunExpress is often used by large marketplaces to keep shipping costs low for customers. 

YunExpress International shipping option

The full tracking path can be viewed on the DHL website. Additional charges for high-risk areas as well as regulations based on size and claimed value of parcels can all be found on the Yun Express website.

Does Yun Express Deliver on Weekends?

Because YunExpress acts as a middle liaison between China and international countries, its delivery occurs at large warehouses, etc. in the package’s destination country.

Depending on the hours in which that warehouse works and the courier and shipping companies it has partnered with, deliveries may or may not occur on weekends.

Most companies who have partnered with Amazon (such as DHL), other than Federal postal services, have committed to speeding up the delivery of purchases by adding Saturday and/or Sunday delivery. 


Yun Express Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Yun Express promises its B2C (Business to Customer) clients timely delivery, fast and stable commercial DDP customs clearance, interruption-free delivery and returns, additional services such as an abnormal package warning. 

Yun Express has also partnered with cross-border logistics companies that ensure border crossing is simple and problem-free, this makes the cost-effectiveness of YunExpress even more obvious as there is little chance of tariffs being added at customs. 

Tophatter (USA), Germany, and Japan also have direct line registration available, which provides last-mile tracking. These shipments can be tracked directly through YunExpress from start to finish and typically make it to their destination within 6-10 business days (USA), 7-12 business days (Germany), or 3-7 business days (Japan).


Using Yun Express to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

Yun Express is used in conjunction with other carrier companies, many of which offer their own APIs which can be integrated into your website using a developer or any authorised application.

Partner with the PluginHive Yun Express Shopify app or WooCommerce plugin that allows you to offer multi-carrier options to your customers while streamlining the shipping & tracking process with automated label generation and more. 


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