Shopify Shipping with FedEx – Single Label Generation


The PluginHive Shipping app offers an automated packaging solution, efficiently calculating product weights, considering product dimensions, and finding the optimal boxes based on either the maximum weight they can hold or their volume. This automation significantly aids merchants in streamlining their packaging calculations. Nevertheless, due to the intricate nature of box packing, there may be cases where adjustments are necessary just before generating the label. In such situations, we highly recommend using the FedEx Single Label generation process. This process allows you to carefully review the packages and other parameters, making any necessary adjustments before finalizing and generating the label. To assist you with this process, here is a step-by-step guide below:

  • Visit the Orders page. Click on More Actions and select Generate Label


With this process, you can achieve the following for packages:

Package Weight/Dimensions adjustment

You can make adjustments to the package dimensions and weight. Here, you have the option to review or modify the package dimensions and weight at this point. Click on the Adjust option as shown below to adjust the weight and dimensions of the package. 


Selection/Changing of the Package Box

There is a provision to choose from the available FedEx boxes or use your packaging for the shipment. Under Packages, if the Box Packing method is enabled, you can select the FedEx Boxes or your boxes based on your requirements.

To do so, click on the Edit Packages option and select Box Type from the drop-down list. Save the settings after selecting your preferred box.


Include additional boxes

When packing items into boxes, you have the flexibility to split them among multiple boxes. If necessary, you can take some things out of one box and put them into another. This allows you to ensure each box has the correct quantity of items. You can keep rearranging the items into different packages until everything is packed correctly. It’s a convenient way to handle tricky packaging and adapt to changing requirements efficiently.

To take things out of the box, click on the Edit Packages option and the Quantity Available will show the items inside the box. You can increase the Quantity to Add based on how many items you want to take out of this box and create a new box for shipping.

Save the settings after taking items out of the box.


Once Done, Multiple packages get created and you can generate multiple labels for the order.


An alternative method to split a single box into multiple boxes is by using the Split option. The below screenshots depict the splitting of a box into multiple boxes. Please note that a box can be split only once with the Split option.


Adding Insurance to an Order

You can also add Insurance to the order by enabling the “Add Third Party Insurance To Packages”.


Enabling of ETD option for an order

If you wish to send the documents of a specific order electronically to FedEx for your International Shipment, kindly enable Electronic Trade Documents by selecting the ‘Enable ETD‘ option


Adding Signature to an Order

If your business requires you to offer the Delivery Signature option to your customers, then select the required FedEx Delivery Signature Options for your shipments in the dropdown.


Review the Service and Shipping Costs

After following the above steps and making the necessary changes to the order, kindly refresh the page to obtain the updated rates. Once this is done, you may proceed with generating the labels.


In Conclusion

By following the step-by-step guide provided, you can take advantage of various benefits. You have the flexibility to adjust package dimensions and weights, select appropriate box types, split items among multiple boxes, and even add insurance, electronic trade documents, or signature options as needed. This process empowers you to handle complex packaging scenarios effectively and adapt to changing requirements.

Remember to review the service and shipping costs after making adjustments to ensure accurate rates. By employing the FedEx Single Label Generation process, you can enhance your shipping workflow, minimize errors, and ultimately deliver an exceptional experience to your customers.