Best WooCommerce Abandon Cart Recovery Plugins


Abandoned carts are a common challenge for WooCommerce store owners, resulting in lost sales and revenue. Fortunately, powerful plugins can help recover these abandoned carts and turn them into successful conversions. This blog explores the top WooCommerce abandon cart recovery plugins, their features, and how they can help you reclaim lost sales and increase your revenue.

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1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

abandoned cart recovery

The Abandoned Cart Recovery extension empowers you to create multiple follow-up emails and schedule them at specific intervals. Features include:

  • Intuitive Dashboard: Maintain a list of all abandoned carts, recovered carts, and pending orders along with detailed insights.
  • Automated Recovery: Set time delays for sending emails after cart abandonment, with customizable email content and coupon codes.
  • Segmentation Options: Segment customers and carts based on various criteria for personalized email campaigns.
  • Guest User Recovery: Enable recovery emails for unregistered guest users, increasing the chances of conversion.

2. FunnelKit Automations

funnelkit automation

FunnelKit Automations is one of the most powerful WooCommerce abandon cart plugins that provides automation workflows for cart recovery. It’s an all-in-one WordPress marketing automation and broadcast engine to streamline your business processes. Its key features include:

  • Cart tracking: Track your WooCommerce shopping carts and recover them with smart, automated sequences.
  • Automated cart recovery emails: Recover lost sales by sending targeted recovery emails.
  • Dynamic coupons: Create personalized, dynamic coupons with limited-time urgency.
  • On-brand emails: Design your emails on-brand with its built-in drag-and-drop visual email builder.
  • Behavioral tracking: Gain insights into customer actions and behavior on your website.

3. ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons

elex woocommerce abandoned cart

The ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons plugin is a game-changer that combines automation, personalization, and dynamic incentives to win back lost sales. With its automated email reminders, dynamic coupon generation, and customizable templates, this plugin empowers you to reclaim potentially lost conversions. Targeted messaging, data-driven insights, and a user-friendly interface help elevate your cart recovery game to new heights and convert abandoned carts into completed purchases.

  • Automated Abandoned Cart Emails: Reconnect with potential customers effortlessly through automated email reminders. Triggered when a cart is abandoned, these customizable emails are a gentle nudge that can reignite interest and encourage a return to the checkout page.
  • Dynamic Coupon Generation: Harness the power of personalized incentives with dynamic coupon generation. Each abandoned cart email can include a unique coupon code tailor-made to entice users to complete their purchases.
  • Set abandoned cart timers: You can set abandoned cart timers to determine how long after a customer leaves their cart before you send them an email reminder. This allows you to send emails at the optimal time to increase the chances of recovering the abandoned cart.
  • Configure email rules: You can configure email rules to determine who receives abandoned cart emails and how often they receive them. This allows you to personalize the abandoned cart email experience for your customers.
  • Insights and Analytics: Data-driven decision-making is at your fingertips. Gain insights into cart abandonment rates, email open rates, coupon redemptions, and overall campaign performance.

4. Retainful – WooCommerce Abandon Cart Recovery

retainful- woocommerce abandon cart

Retainful’s WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery plugin is a flexible tool that works for various needs. It’s known for its key feature, the recovery of left-behind WooCommerce shopping carts. Notable features include:

  • Cart Recovery Emails: Emails are customized and automated for the time interval that you set and can send however many cart recovery emails you wish to send customers.
  • Email Marketing Automation: Businesses can set up triggered emails based on specific customer actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing, or abandoning a cart. 
  • Segmentation: The email list segmented based on conditions that you set helps create personalized content for each segment.
  • Native Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with popular apps like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and Mailchimp.
  • Tiered Pricing: Choose from different packages based on the number of contacts, with a free option available.

5. Instantio


Being a cart abandonment recovery plugin, Instantio can enhance the WooCommerce checkout process. 

With this one-page checkout system, you can reduce cart abandonment by offering a streamlined experience. You can allow customers to skip the traditional cart page and proceed directly to checkout. 

With a floating cart drawer, you can expedite the checkout process, taking only 15-25 seconds. 

Instantio offers multiple checkout systems and themes for customization. The Pro version introduces advanced features like Same Page Instant Checkout, Create Custom Fields, and Progress Bars

They also have a demo version that you can give a shot to witness how Instantio transforms the online shopping journey.

Whether opting for the free version or considering the premium features, you can use Instantio to provide a faster and more efficient WooCommerce checkout experience.

6. Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce by ShopMagic

abandoned cart recovery for woocommerce

The Recover Abandoned Carts for WooCommerce by ShopMagic is a free add-on for ShopMagic, helping you rescue abandoned carts and lower the abandonment cart rate. Features include:

  • Abandoned Cart Timeout: Set a time when carts are considered abandoned.
  • Guest Tracking: Enable pre-submit data capture for instant email collection during checkout.
  • Behavioral Tracking: Gain valuable insights into customer actions and behavior on your website.
  • Segmentation: Filter carts based on products, categories, item count, and more for personalized emails.

7. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery 

woocommerce cart abandonment recovery

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery is a free powerful plugin built by CartFlows that helps you recover lost revenue. Features include:

  • Automated Cart Recovery Emails: Send targeted recovery emails after specific time intervals.
  • Customizable Templates: Tailor email templates to match your branding and messaging.
  • Behavioral Tracking: Gain insights into customer behavior on your website. 
  • Comprehensive Marketing Solution: CartFlows includes various marketing tools for a holistic approach. 


Recovering abandoned carts is crucial for increasing revenue and improving the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store. These powerful plugins offer automated recovery email features, customizable templates, and valuable insights into customer behavior. Whether you choose the feature-rich “Abandoned Cart Recovery with Dynamic Coupons for WooCommerce” or the user-friendly “Funnelkits Automation” each plugin brings unique benefits to help you reclaim lost sales and foster customer loyalty. Implementing an effective abandoned cart recovery strategy can significantly impact your bottom line and drive success in your eCommerce business.