Simplify Shopify Shipping – Effortless Order Updates


Managing an online store on Shopify involves dealing with customer orders, and it’s common for customers to request changes after placing an order. These changes can include modifying the shipping address or adjusting product quantities. These updates can happen frequently, and as a merchant, you need a reliable solution to handle them efficiently. Thankfully, the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app is here to simplify the Shopify shipping process and make updating orders a breeze.

Updating Unprocessed Shopify Orders

Before an order is processed and a shipping label is created, updating the order is straightforward with the Shopify Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app. When a customer requests changes, the app promptly displays a clear message for the merchant, showing all the modifications made to the order.

the notification displayed to the merchant in the dashboard

This user-friendly message allows the merchant to review the changes and make necessary updates to the order. The best part is that there are no manual adjustments required, ensuring that the correct items are shipped to the right address without any hassle.

the order changes for review

With the app, you can bid farewell to the old, time-consuming way of handling order updates and welcome a streamlined process that enhances your customers’ experience.

Managing Updates for Processed Shopify Orders

Sometimes, an order may already have a shipping label generated when a customer requests updates. While this could create a hiccup in the process, the PluginHive app provides an easy solution.

the error message when a label has been generated

Upon encountering a processed order, the app promptly displays an error message, informing the merchant that the shipping label needs to be canceled before proceeding with any updates.

the option to cancel shipments

To ensure a smooth update, the merchant can simply cancel the shipping label and revert the order status back to ‘initial.’ By doing so, the app can accept order changes and process the shipments accurately based on the latest information.

With the PluginHive Multi-Carrier shipping label Shopify app, managing updates for both unprocessed and processed orders becomes effortless.


Effortlessly updating orders is crucial for providing excellent customer service in the world of e-commerce. The Multi-Carrier Shipping Label Shopify app is a game-changer in simplifying the shipping process and making order updates a breeze for Shopify merchants.

Whether you’re dealing with unprocessed orders or processed ones, the app guides you through the necessary steps, ensuring that the latest information is accounted for during shipment processing.