Turn your WooCommerce into an Online Booking Website

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

This article is about WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin that will transform your WooCommerce store into a perfect booking website. By using this plugin, you can easily build an appointment website if your business requires it. Moreover, you can choose to create a system that can either allow time or date-based booking. This WooCommerce Bookings plugin is a completely responsive booking platform and your customers can easily book anytime.

Nowadays the process of booking dates has completely changed. With a booking website, you don’t need to hire people who have to wait for the calls all day. Having a booking website can offer a level of online security that other traditional booking methods like telephonic or email bookings simply do not offer. A WooCommerce booking system can increase customer convenience and reduce your workload by a significant amount. These systems, when set up correctly, can take the hassle out of booking for customer and business. You can further combine your website with some of the highly secured payment gateways like PayPal which can really get your business going.

Why have an online booking website?

We all know that a business is best run by the people in it. This was true until, in recent times, when the number of interested customers started to pour in. It is simply not possible for a group of people to handle and manage the increasing volume of the bookings and confirm at the same time. And if you increase the number of employees then it may increase the chance of mistakes in your bookings system. An online booking system, on the other hand, makes the entire process quite simple. Once you have finally set up your booking rules, you can easily control the flow of your customers and perform the work seamlessly.

booking website

Another benefit of choosing a booking plugin for your WooCommerce is that you don’t have to be physically present to make the bookings. As said earlier, once you have set the booking rules, the WooCommerce Bookings plugin will automatically take the bookings. The PluginHive Bookings and Appointments plugin is set in a way that there is no clash or issue while confirming the time or date requested by your customers.

Where can you use this booking solution?

Well, you can make use of a booking website where you want to provide a product or service for a pre-defined time period. This will help you streamline all your customer requests without any unexpected clashes or conflicts. Moreover, your customers can choose the product or service and simply book right there and make their payment instantly. Some of the most common businesses that should have an online booking system are:

Doctor appointments: 

If you are a doctor or have a business with multiple doctors working in the same building then appointment bookings can be a tough job. You would have to personally respond to multiple calls and emails with a time-slot calendar next to you. And in case of any conflict, you might lose your patients which is a bad thing for business sales and reputation as well. So, it is highly important to have a system that will let your patients choose their appointments based on the free time-slots available.

business based on business

Online learning courses: 

You can use WooCommerce Bookings for your online courses, whether you’re teaching college subjects, yoga, music, or cooking. You can charge by the hour or minute. For special events or competitions, an online booking website is a great choice.

Personal services: 

People who do not have time to do their daily chores usually go for this service. This kind of service can include services like buying groceries, lawn maintenance, pet grooming, and a lot other daily tasks. Some other forms of personal services are nail-polishing, wedding decorating, etc. If your business provides any of the personal services then you should have a booking website as well.

woocommerce bookings and appointments

Interviews and counsellings: 

If you are not mentally prepared for an interview then don’t go for it. This is one of the reasons why the interviews should be scheduled and should be pre-booked. Having an organized interview system will prove to be better for both the interviewee and the interviewer. Counseling is another area where you can make use of an online booking system. Personal, career or even couple counsellings are in high demand and many counselors are in the need for an appointment booking solution.  

Entertainment bookings:

Most people often celebrate special occasions in their life like their birthdays or anniversaries and they want it to be great. And people tend to hire party organizers, singers, DJs and other entertainers for a more enjoyable experience. If you are in this business industry then going for a WooCommerce online booking system can really get your sales sky-rocket. This is because people love on-time services, especially when it comes to entertainment and having a good time.

woocommerce bookings

Cleaning businesses: 

Similar to personal services, there are services that are closely related to people’s personal interest. Things like car washing, swimming pool cleaning, home painting and detailing, and other constructive work fall into this category. If you are willing to offer any of this service, especially in odd-hours, then it will be highly beneficial for your business. For example, most of the people do not have time to go to the car cleaning stations during the day-time. So, if you can clean their cars after they return to their homes, then it will prove to be really convenient for them and good for your sales and popularity.

What are the benefits of using the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin?

You can implement any booking business using WooCommerce Bookings plugin. To start with, you can define booking for some products and still have normal(simple) products that do not require any form of booking. For example, if you are running a Spa business and offer in-home spa services, then you can also sell spa products on the side. This way if people like your service, then they can also buy your products.

woocommerce bookable product

Another good thing is that you can offer bookings with a calendar next to the product which can be very convenient for your customers. They can select the hours, days or even months for a longer booking period. You can also set the price for that time period in the Edit product page and can change the amount at any point of time and choose the increment value of the time period and set the bookings open and closing time. You just need to set the value as shown in the image below and you are good to go.

bookable product

Final thoughts…

If you are thinking about a WooCommerce online booking business that can automatically handle your customers then you should definitely check out the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. Hope this article was useful to you. Do let us know in the comment section below if you need any clarifications. Happy selling!

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