Use UPS Carbon Neutral For Greener Shipping Of WooCommerce Orders


Online sales have increased tremendously since its advent in 2014. In 2020, total eCommerce sales reached about US $ 4.2 trillion, and the current pandemic scenario has also contributed to these numbers. There seems to be no end in view to these numbers, as eCommerce is expected to become a US $ 6.5 trillion industry.

Online shopping goes hand-in-hand with the shipping industry – as the increase in sales has led to a significant increase in the number of shipments globally. While this growth is good for the economy, it has certainly had a negative impact on the environment. 

In this article, we will see the harmful effects of shipping and how they can be mitigated by choosing a carrier that works in reducing the environmental impact. 

What Has Been The Impact of Shipping on the Environment?

Any carrier you choose to ship your products, irrespective of the mode of freight, contributes to environmental degradation. Unfortunately, any fuel used by these vehicles emits many harmful gases that are detrimental to the atmosphere and life on Earth. 

The packaging used by companies to ship their products to customers is also harmful to the environment. To ensure that your product reaches the customer swiftly with no damages, plastic, styrofoam, or cardboard is used inside of parcels. The outer layer may also use plastic to protect from rains and other environmental factors. Unfortunately, all the packaging is discarded and ends up in landfills.  

Since many businesses rely on carriers to ship their products, it is impossible to stop using fuel in shipping or even reduce the packaging of products. 

However, it is possible to reduce the impact of the harmful effects on the Earth. 

UPS Carbon Neutral Option

UPS is one of the carriers that has taken a proactive approach to reducing the carbon imprint caused due to logistical activities. Every day thousands of products are shipped all over the world. UPS Carbon Neutral is an option offered by UPS that allows its users to mitigate the harmful effects of carbon emission. 

UPS follows many methods in this worthwhile endeavor, like calculating how many natural resources are used during their operating processes, how air pollution caused by airplanes can be reduced, and how the harmful gases in the atmosphere can be cleared. In addition, UPS has partnered with many charitable and non-profit organizations that strive to preserve natural resources and safeguard the environment. 

ups carbon neutral

A few ways that UPS has contributed to preserving the environment are by partnering with organizations that support reforestation, treatment of wastewater, reducing methane impact, and others. 

How Has PluginHive Supported The Carbon Neutral Shipping Option By UPS

WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label by PluginHive is an end-to-end logistical solution for all your shipping needs. With real-time rates picked from the UPS database, it is effortless to choose the price you need for your orders based on weight and other dimensions. 

With this UPS plugin, the shipper can easily opt for carbon-neutral shipping. This choice declares that the shipper is aware of the harmful effects of carbon discharge emitted due to fuel use, and he is hopeful of offsetting the harmful effects on the environment. 

The UPS carbon neutral option is available in the shipping labels under WooCommerce settings in the plugin. Simply checking this option ensures that in the print label, ‘UPS Carbon Neutral’ is visible. 

To understand the other features of the WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label, visit our product page.