USPS Shipping to Canada: Comparison With FedEx & UPS

usps Shipping to Canada

When shipping anywhere, you want to get the best deals you can. Shipping internationally can be quite expensive, so comparing different shipping companies can be beneficial in finding the best features and prices. If you have a business and are making multiple regular shipments, finding the best shipper to suit your needs is even more important.

With our shared border, many packages are being sent to Canada daily, and shippers want the fastest, most dependable, cost-effective shipping they can get. So, let’s see just how USPS shipping to Canada compares with UPS & FedEx.

USPS vs UPS vs FedEx
*comparison of the top shipping carriers shipping a 2-pound package from Los Angeles, USA, to Toronto, Canada.

USPS Shipping to Canada

Here are three popular shipping options to choose from when sending to Canada.

USPS Priority Mail Express International

One of the quicker shipping options, delivery time is 3 to 5 business days. Tracking is included, along with date-specific delivery being available. Rates start at $45.95 for flat-rate envelopes and boxes, or the price is determined by weight.

USPS Priority Mail International

This option has a delivery time of 6 to 10 business days, and the prices are lower because of the extra time. Rates start at $37.60 for flat-rate envelopes and boxes with tracking included.

USPS First Class Package International

Although this service has the lowest prices, starting at $14.25 for flat-rate envelopes and boxes, the delivery time is 11 to 20 days. This option can be used only for packages weighing up to 4 pounds. Tracking is also included in the price.

FedEx Shipping to Canada

It’s important to point out first that FedEx Express fulfills packages and parcels sent internationally with USPS. This means that whether you choose USPS or FedEx shipping, your packages will still pass hands by FedEx at some point. 

It might still be wise to choose FedEx International on its own as they offer many features and competitive prices. Not only do you and your customers get 24/7 tracking, but most parcels shipped as time-sensitive also reach their Canadian destination within 2 to 7 business days with 100% coverage to most Canadian businesses and residential addresses. 

UPS Shipping to Canada

Shipping with UPS to Canada has never been easier – or faster. UPS Standard shipping to Canada guarantees delivery to most major Canadian cities within 5 business days. According to the UPS website, Standard is faster than FedEx International Ground on 84% of the US to Canada lanes. You can also easily drop off or pick up from one of the thousands of UPS Access Points across the US and Canada – so customers don’t need to worry about being home when the delivery person comes to drop them off. 

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shipping to canada rates

Things to consider when Shipping to Canada

Customs and Duties: You need to be aware of the customs regulations and duties that apply to your shipment. You may be required to provide specific documentation, pay fees or taxes, or comply with certain regulations.

Packaging and Labeling: Proper packaging and labeling of your shipment are essential. You need to ensure that your shipment is adequately protected during transit and that all labeling requirements are met.

Regulations and Restrictions: You need to be aware of any regulations or restrictions that apply to your shipment. For example, there may be restrictions on the type of goods that can be shipped or on the amount of a particular product that can be shipped.

Advantages of Opening Your Online Business in Canada

The Canadian market is a huge opportunity for almost any online US business. More than half of Canadian online purchases are from businesses in the United States, and plenty of excellent shipping companies across the United States/Canadian border daily, including those highlighted above. 

Not only do we share a language, a border, and time zones, but the excellent relationship with our neighbors to the north has created an “open for business”  for both countries. If your eCommerce brand has yet to promote to Canadian customers, now is the time. With more shopping being done online than ever before, you will see exponential business growth and long-established customer satisfaction. 

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