Australia Post Shipping – All You Need To Know

Formerly known as the Australian Postal Corporation, Australia Post is a governmental business enterprise that provides official mail services to the residents and businesses of Australia. It has been in service since 1809, however, has grown to deliver up to and over 40 million parcels in one month. With the nation’s biggest retail footprint, the Australian Post has:

  • 4,330 post offices
  • 15,036 street posting boxes, 5,412 motorbikes,
  • 4,691 delivery vans, trucks, cars and utes,
  • 1,235 electric delivery vehicles, 2,529 electric bikes, up to 17 airline freighters chartered each day, 481 facilities, and 33,039 parcel lockers.
  • 212 countries, territories, and regions to which they deliver internationally.

Why Choose Australia Post Over Its Competitors?

Other than the reasons noted above, Australia Post delivers to all residential and commercial addresses each business day. This means that your parcels are likely to be delivered for the lowest cost , and oftentimes, the fastest means possible.

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Australia Post is dedicated to meeting the needs of small business owners. Two out of three of their local post office network and parcel contractors are considered small businesses.


Australia Post Domestic Shipping Rates

Australia Post has multiple shipping services available with different features to match your business requirements. For Domestic shipments, Australia Post offers three options;

Australia Post Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery starts at $9.15 AUD and delivers to all of Australia in an estimated 2 or more business days.

Australia Post Express Delivery

Express Delivery starts at $12.15 AUD and is usually delivered within one business day. Some time restrictions are in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia Post Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery prices vary and usually make it to their destination within about 3 hours. Service is available within Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart and comes with live tracking.

If It Packs, It Posts

If It Packs, It Posts is a flat-rate standard shipping option that allows customers to fit anything under 5kg into varying sized boxes for a flat rate cost of $9.15 AUD plus packaging for Standard shipments and $12.15 AUD plus packaging on Express shipments.


Australia Post International Services to Speed Up Delivery

Shipping internationally from Australia can often be expensive, especially when reaching northern countries, which a lot of them are. Choosing the most secure and cost-effective options is best for eCommerce businesses wanting to reach their customers. Australia Post offers multiple options depending on the budget and timeline required for delivery.

Australia Post Economy Shipping

Economy Shipping is the cheapest option, providing a hassle-free method of reaching your customers by sea or air without necessarily relying on a short deadline. You choose whether you would like the shipment to go by sea or air, which affects the cost. Prices start at about $11.55 AUD for parcel shipments.

Australia Post Standard Shipping

Standard Shipping arrives in 6+ business days and can easily be tracked online via a tracking number. Prices start at $18.55 AUD.

Australia Post Express Shipping

Express Shipping Is a fast option to deliver parcels between metro cities within a few business days, depending on location. Prices start at $29.55 AUD.

Australia Post Courier Shipping

Courier Shipping arrives at its destination in 1 or 2 business days. The cost of Courier shipping starts at $79.55 AUD. 


Australia Post International Shipping Labels and Customs Documents

As with shipping internationally from anywhere in the world, there will be customs documents that will need to be filled out according to Australian regulations as well as those of the receiving country.

You can easily utilize your customs documents on the AusPost website by choosing your destination.

Australia Post-Certified

PluginHive is a Australia Post®
Certified Shipping Solution
for your eCommerce store

Does Australia Post Deliver on Weekends?

Australia Post has introduced Express Post Saturday delivery where parcels and letters can be delivered between the hours of 9 am and 1 pm on Saturdays. Customers can choose to have their parcels delivered to their residential or business address, to a 24/7 Parcel Locker accessible on Saturdays, or a Post Office or Business Hub open on Saturdays.

Choosing Saturday delivery for Express Post is free of charge. Australia Post offers a guide for setting up Saturday delivery on your eCommerce website.


Australia Post Features and Options for eCommerce Stores

Australia Post offers businesses the opportunity to save money and benefit from specific features through their MyPost Business Account. Businesses are provided with volume-based benefits, so the more you send, the more you save.

Some of the features and savings available to businesses include, according to Australia Post:

  • Save up to 40% on domestic and up to 35% on international postage
  • Each parcel you send counts towards your sending volume, which determines your savings band
  • Integrate your MyPost Business account with our eCommerce partners
  • Process orders in bulk by importing a CSV file
  • Automate tracking notifications by including customer contact details in your orders
  • Post at any of our 4,000+ Post Offices, 15,000+ Street Posting Boxes or organise a pick up from wherever you work
  • Get help & support 24/7

Using Australia Post to Automate the eCommerce Shipping and Delivery Process

Australia Post has its own API to integrate into your eCommerce platform through a shipping solution that allows your customers to choose where, when, and how they want their purchases delivered. It also comes with other features such as automatic shipping label generation that can print from any printer. You can also schedule pick up of parcels and see how much your business is saving by shipping more often with Australia Post.

You can benefit from partnering with a certified shipping app or shipping plugin that can utilize the benefits of Australia Post while allowing you to offer multi-carrier shipping that gives your customers even more options.

Australia Post - Integration

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