Li-Lac Chocolates Achieves Efficient Packaging and Faster Shipping With The Shopify FedEx App

Lilac Customer Story

Manhattan’s old artisan chocolate company, Li-Lac chocolates have been spreading sweetness since 1923. Li-Lac chocolates specializes in hand-made chocolates and gifts, made from fresh gourmet chocolate in America. Their quality and unique products are delivered all across New York City, making their business grow every day.

With the increase in the number of orders, shipping products timely and delighting customers was not going to be a cakewalk. To take care of their shipping needs, Li-Lac chocolates has trusted in PluginHive’s FedEx Ship, Rate, Track for Shopify App and it has since become their major helping hand for shipping to New York and abroad.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Li-Lac Chocolates

As a 98 years old chocolate factory, Li-Lac chocolates have made sure they never compromise on quality. They have kept their traditions intact by crafting chocolates following their founder’s authentic recipe & quality ingredients.

“We make handmade chocolates which itself is a very rare thing to get nowadays along with old school method to manufacture our products. We have still been following our founder’s old recipe & cooking techniques with guaranteed quality. Our customer segments are basically who are looking for something more unique, special like handmade premium products”– says Anthony


Compared to any other chocolate company, Anthony believes Li-Lac chocolates is the best choice for chocolate lovers who are looking for something out-of-the-box premium experience. They tend to serve locally with occasional international shipments to customers overseas. 

“Right now we are shipping domestically. International shipments are done on rare occasions”- adds Anthony

Efficient & Smart Chocolate Packaging with PluginHive Shopify App for FedEx

When it comes to chocolates, packaging plays an important part right from choosing the accurate boxes. With an established store like Li-Lac chocolates, the number of orders they get on a day-to-day basis can be huge. And it becomes even more important to ensure accurate packaging for different orders to gain customer satisfaction. With such a significant need to automate the packaging and shipping process Li-Lac chocolates came across PluginHive.

“PluginHive was recommended to us by our web developer. In the FedEx Ship, Rate & Track app, the feature that I felt is really interesting is the ability to put package dimensions associated with the box size and it helps us to understand the right box required for each of our orders. I have currently set a couple of boxes and it is working pretty well.”

Anthony Cirone

Besides the right packaging, chocolates are such products that demand delivery on almost every occasion, even on weekends. So, when we asked how Anthony manages such demands & sees the changes in Saturday delivery rates in comparison to other weekdays, he said: “Yes we have seen the shipping rates on Saturdays are higher but we feel it’s more like an express reliable delivery. Since the FedEx app is also supporting it, this has been one of the advantages”.

Lilac Chocolates

Li-Lac Chocolates is taking its business to the next level by joining hands with PluginHive. They are making their packaging process efficient & streamlined along with weekend delivery.

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