UPS International Shipping and Import Control in WooCommerce

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If your strategy to expand your business involves selling and shipping your products internationally, there will be different international shipping regulations you have to comply with. Depending on what kind of business you are operating, there may be different rules and regulations.

In this article, you will get an idea about import control and how it impacts the logistical activities of your business in terms of international trade. The article also touches upon UPS import control and how you can make it work for your business efficiently.

What is Import Control?

When selling goods across national borders, you need to follow the trade rules and regulations of the destination country relating to trade. Simply put, import control is the measures taken by a government in regulating the products that can enter its borders.

Import controls are rules established by a country to safeguard its citizens’ interests and the economy. Most countries have rules that restrict the movement of hazardous materials or harmful components that may impact the quality of living of their citizens. 

What Is The Purpose of Import Control?

Imports are an essential part of a country’s trade activities. Not only is it essential for establishing good relations across different countries, but it also helps in stabilizing a country’s economy. 

Imports help replenish a country’s scarcity regarding raw materials required to produce finished goods, certain high or low-cost products needed by its citizens, and helps maintain good relations across borders. 

But why should import control exist? The reason is quite simple. Each country prioritizes its safety and would prefer to know what comes in and goes out of its borders. The other reason is to protect the country’s economy by allowing domestic industries to develop and provide jobs to the local workforce. 

Any company that sells or plans to sell their goods globally needs to comply with the foreign trade policies of their own and the destination country.

UPS International Shipping and UPS Import Control

What is UPS Import Control?

UPS Import Control is a logistical solution introduced by UPS to help its customers import goods originating from a different country.

This helps the companies trigger the international shipping activities for inbound packages and get them delivered directly to the customer without standing as a go-between. 

UPS Import Control allows a store owner to generate accurate international shipping labels with the source address and destination address correctly printed. 

This process helps UPS in delivering products with minimal delay and greater accuracy. 

It also allows the company to know the exact details of what is being shipped – this helps reduce delays at customs and ensures faster clearance. You can learn more about UPS Import Control here. 

How Does PluginHive Help In Using UPS Import Control Option?

The PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Plugin with Print Label is a one-stop shipping solution for companies to ship their products worldwide. 

Import control is something that any company selling internationally must comply with. You can use the PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Plugin to smooth out the entire shipping process. 

Here are a few examples to explain how you can use UPS Import Control setting in the plugin to help you ship products. 

First Example:

The company Revive is in the business of recycling old, broken plastic items into new and unique products. The company purchases old plastic from the general population and uses it in its manufacturing process.

To purchase these old items, the company asks the public/old plastic sellers to log into their website and create an international shipping label from their place to the company’s address.

With the PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Plugin With Print Label, the customers/sellers can add their address and the destination address and trigger a shipping activity. The customers/sellers attach a copy of the print label to their packages, and UPS picks it up for delivery. 

UPS International Shipping and UPS Import COntrol

Second Example:

The Vision Company manufactures televisions, and one of the critical components is available outside its country.

The shop owner can generate international shipping labels originating from the destination country to his factory directly with the help of the UPS Import Control option in the PluginHive plugin. He can send the soft copy of the label to the spare parts company and ask them to attach the label to their packages. 

It helps UPS collect the goods from the foreign country and quickly deliver it to the manufacturing unit for further processing. 

Advantages Of The PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Plugin in International Shipping

Not only is the plugin intuitive and easy to use, but it also picks up real-time rates directly from the UPS website based on the package dimensions and weight. Once an order is processed, you can easily print shipping labels with all the relevant details and get them shipped to their destination. 

UPS Import Control in International Shipping

For international inbound transactions, you can enable the UPS Import Control option by simply checking a box under shipping label settings. This will allow you to input an address from outside your country and get it shipped correctly through UPS to your required destination. The labels will also have Import Control printed on the surface to help process your products at customs without delay.

To learn more about how the PluginHive WooCommerce UPS Plugin works, you can head to our product page and have a look.