Top 7 WooCommerce Product Export Plugins


When managing a WooCommerce store, most store owners will eventually need to export product data for one of these reasons:

  • Bulk editing
  • Synchronization between different systems
  • Backups
  • Migration to another server/platform
  • Analysis

While WooCommerce has a built-in product import/export tool, it’s quite limited, so you’ll likely need to export your products using a more capable export plugin. 
This article describes the 7 best WooCommerce products export plugins currently on the market.

The Top 7 WooCommerce Product Export Plugins

1. WP All Export


WP All Export is unquestionably the most powerful plugin for both WooCommerce and WordPress data export tasks. While its drag-and-drop interface allows you to perform a basic product export in less than a minute, this is not the main reason why people buy this plugin. The main reason is that it can handle pretty much any export task, no matter how complex, across the entire WooCommerce and WordPress landscape.

This includes exporting:

  • WooCommerce products, orders, customers, coupons, reviews, and more
  • WordPress posts, pages, taxonomies, users, comments, and more
  • Data from any 3rd-party theme or plugin
  • All data from popular plugins such as Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Gravity Forms, Toolset Types, and WPML, with special support for each

It can export to every file format, including simple CSVs, multiple versions of Excel, and the most complex/demanding XML feeds. It can handle large exports with ease. And it is fully integrated with its sister product, WP All Import, to manage tasks like migration or bulk editing.
What makes both these plugins especially appealing to advanced users is that, when required, you can manipulate data at a very granular level.

Key Features

  • Create any CSV, Excel, or XML feed using a slick drag & drop interface
  • Apply powerful filters to export exactly the products you need
  • Easily generate and update WooCommerce product feeds for the Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping)
  • Integrate with Zapier to export your products directly to more than a thousand external apps
  • Export all product types
  • Use the built-in language switcher to translate your export data
  • Schedule your product exports to run automatically
  • Modify exported product data in a spreadsheet and then import the modified data back into your store to automatically apply bulk changes
  • Manipulate data on the fly with custom code capabilities
  • Handle large exports with ease

WP All Export can be tested for free in a sandbox environment at


Free. Pro version: one-time payment of $149 for the WooCommerce Export Package or $299 for all import/export capabilities, including WordPress pages, posts, etc. Both packages include lifetime updates and support.

2. WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite


This plugin is a paid add-on that lets you import and export products to/from WooCommerce using a CSV file. It won’t give you the same level of control over either imports or exports as the combination of WP All Import and WP All Export, but it will allow you to address basic product import/export requirements. So, if you just need to import/export WooCommerce products (and not orders, customers, etc.), and your requirements aren’t too challenging, this represents an affordable option.

The one drawback to using this type of task-specific plugin is that if you do eventually need to import or export other types of data, you’ll end up having to add other task-specific plugins (i.e., a piecemeal solution), or you’ll have to throw out everything you learned about this plugin and start over with a new, broader-based solution.

Key Features

  • Export products to or import them from CSV files
  • Schedule imports or exports using FTP or URLs
  • Works for all product types
  • Compatible with major WooCommerce 3rd-party plugins
  • Has several filter options for custom imports/exports
  • Can be used for bulk editing and migration


$49 per year.

3. CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Manager Plugin


CTX Feed is a WooCommerce product feed manager plugin that allows you to create and manage product feeds for 130+ channels, including Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, and eBay. It also includes features to help you optimize your product feeds for better performance and results.

Key Features

  • Unlimited product feed generation: You can create unlimited product feeds for different marketing channels.
  • Multi-vendor support: CTX Feed supports multi-vendor websites, so you can create product feeds for products from multiple vendors.
  • Schedule auto feed update: You can schedule automatic updates for your product feeds, so you don’t have to update them manually.
  • Multi-currency feed generation: CTX Feed can generate product feeds in multiple currencies, so you can reach a wider audience from across the globe.
  • Product attributes: You can choose which product attributes to include in your product feeds.
  • Attribute mapping: You can map WooCommerce product attributes to the merchant platform’s attributes.
  • Reduce ads cost: CTX Feed can help you reduce your advertising costs by creating optimized product feeds that are more likely to be approved by merchant platforms.
  • Dynamic attribute: You can create dynamic attributes for your product feeds, such as the current price or availability.
  • Upload feed via FTP: You can upload your product feeds to merchant platforms via FTP.
  • Multilingual feed support: CTX Feed supports multilingual feeds so that you can create product feeds in multiple languages.


Free. Pro version: $119.00/year for the single-site license of CTX Feed- WooCommerce Product Feed Manager plugin. A lifetime license is also available.

4. Product Import Export for WooCommerce


The Product Import Export for WooCommerce plugin allows you to export and import your WooCommerce products in a CSV or XML format. Similar to WP All Export, you can set filters and also schedule your exports.

This plugin is part of a family of WooCommerce import/export plugins that gives it a broader scope than the Product CSV Import Suite plugin, but it lacks some of the more advanced features of WP All Export. For example, it doesn’t provide specific integrations with Google Shopping, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Gravity Forms, Toolset Types, or Zapier. Also, its filters aren’t quite as powerful, and it doesn’t support embedded (i.e., inline) PHP, which can make your exports more flexible.

Still, this plugin represents a kind of middle ground between the Product CSV Import Suite and WP All Export. The only drawback is that it requires yearly payments of $69 for its product import/export capabilities and $129 per year for its broader WooCommerce capabilities. This means that it will exceed the cost of WP All Export by its 3rd year of subscription.

Key Features

  • Import and export WooCommerce products into CSV/XML
  • Provides decent filter capabilities on the export side
  • Supports different product types
  • Schedule your imports/exports
  • Can be used to support bulk editing and migration


Free. Pro version: $69 per year for the Product Import Export for Woocommerce plug, or $129 per year for the Import Export Suite for the WooCommerce plugin.

5. Woo Import Export


This is another plugin that allows you to both import and export all WooCommerce data (but not all WordPress data). You can import files from multiple sources, including most of the main cloud storage sites, and you can export to multiple file formats, including CSV, Excel, and XML. You can also run import//export tasks in the background to avoid bogging down your computer.

This plugin provides a drag & drop interface, as well as good filtering and scheduling capabilities. While it doesn’t offer quite the same level of support for 3rd-party themes & plugins as WP All Export, it does support the use of mainstream plugins like Yoast, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), and WPML.

Key Features

  • Import from Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, URL, or FTP
  • Export to CSV, Excel, XML, and JSON
  • Advanced filtering and scheduling
  • Multilingual support using either WPML or Polylang
  • Drag & drop interface


Free. Pro version: $99 for 6 months of support and updates. You can also extend support to 12 months for an additional $35.

6. WooCommerce – Store Exporter


WooCommerce — Store Exporter is another comprehensive export plugin for WooCommerce (but not for WordPress), similar in scope to the two preceding plugins, except that this plugin does not provide any kind of import capabilities.

You can use this plugin to export all built-in WooCommerce data types, including products, orders, customers, coupons, etc., as well as data from 125+ WooCommerce add-ons/plugins. It also offers both filter and scheduling capabilities, though the filter capabilities are a bit rigid compared to the top plugins in this list.

Overall, this is a good plugin for export tasks. However, the lack of import capabilities leaves users in a similar situation to that of Product CSV Import Suite owners: if your needs grow beyond the capabilities of this plugin, you’ll either have to replace it or piece together a solution with additional plugins.

Key Features

  • Export WooCommerce products, orders, customers, coupons, and data from 125+ WooCommerce add-ons/plugins
  • Offers significant filter capabilities, though they are a bit rigid
  • Allows for flexible output formats including CSV, Excel, and XML
  • Schedule your exports


Free. Pro version: $49 per year for a single site.

7. Products, Order & Customers Export for WooCommerce


This plugin allows you to export & download all your products, orders, and customers in one click to either CSV or XML. It doesn’t identify all the fields associated with a WooCommerce store, but it does identify the core fields. It also allows you to access meta fields if you know the underlying field names.

This plugin does not let you filter exports based on field values, so it’s all or nothing — much like a data dump where you get to choose which fields are exported but not which records.

Still, for $20 a year for a single site, or $40 for lifetime support and updates for a single site, it’s in that price range where it can be justified for one-off use. 

Key Features

  • Export all core fields for WooCommerce products, customers, and orders, as well as meta fields if you know the field names
  • Allows a custom separator for CSV files as well as secondary separators
  • Supports CSV wrap and UTF-8 BOM
  • Can limit use based on user rules


Free. Pro version: $19.99 for a single site per year, or $39.99 for lifetime updates and support.

8. WordPress Product Excel Import & Export for WooCommerce


This plugin is a bit difficult to assess for this article. It is part of a family of plugins that allow you to import/export all types of WooCommerce data, similar to the other plugins focused solely on WooCommerce in this article. It uses Excel as both the source and target for imports/exports, which offers good support for performing bulk edits. But it provides very little information on its export capabilities.

Put another way, this plugin seems designed more to help you edit WooCommerce data in Excel rather than being a pure import/export tool. For example, it has very limited export filter capabilities. This means that it is not a very good tool for synchronizing your WooCommerce data with external systems (unless you want to turn it into a multi-step process, i.e., WooCommerce > Excel > external system).

You can schedule imports/updates using cron jobs, but there is no mention of being able to schedule exports. The plugin supports core product fields and fields from a few popular plugins, such as Yoast and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), but you may have to resort to custom coding to work with other plugins.

Key Features

  • Bulk edit product  data (i.e., export to Excel, change data, then reimport)
  • Provides an easy drag-and-drop interface for mapping import fields to WooCommerce fields
  • Supports some 3rd-party plugins, including Yoast and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)
  • Schedule imports/updates using cron jobs.


Free. Pro version: $50 to $60 US depending on exchange rates (this plugin is prized in Euros). Note, however, that his price includes updates & support for 6 months only.

9. Import Export Suite For WooCommerce


The data in a WoooCommerce store may have to be moved around. Import and export tools for data transfer are therefore a common requirement in all WooCommerce stores. However, most of the tools available for import and export are highly dedicated and can only be used to move one kind of data. For example a product import export plugin for moving product data. 

This all-in-one-WooCommerce import export suite is a single solution for all your WooCommerce import-export needs. With this plugin, you can import and export WooCommerce products, product reviews & ratings, comments, users, customers, coupons, orders, and subscriptions. The WooCommerce import Export Suite also houses a plethora of filters and customizations with which you can selectively import and export the exact data that you require. Additionally, the plugin offers multiple import-export methods via which you can complete the import and export with minimum effort. 

Key Features

  • Supports Excel (XLS and XLSX), CSV, TSV, and XML file formats. 
  • Schedule automated import & export  
  • Import & export custom fields and values
  • Advanced filters and customizations for import and export
  • Add & update data while importing 
  • Maintains action history and debug logs
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface 
  • Compatible with major 3rd-party plugins


Free. Pro version: $129/year for the single site license of the Import Export Suite for the WooCommerce plugin.

How to Determine Which WooCommerce Product Export Plugin is Right for You

In our opinion, this comes down to what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re just looking for a quick one-time product export that you can’t achieve with WooCommerce’s built-in product export capabilities, then the Products, Order & Customers Export for WooCommerce from WPWhale is probably worth a look at $20.

On the other hand, if you want to handle not only product exports but all possible import/export tasks, whether for data in WooCommerce, WordPress, or any 3rd-party theme or plugin, your best bet is WP All Export and its sister product WP All Import. Their combo Import + Export Pro Package requires the most cash outlay at $299, but it’s a one-time payment that provides lifetime updates & support, so it may actually cost less over time compared to plugins charging annual fees.

Other than for these two polar opposite requirements, you’ll have to put a little more effort into your purchase decision by comparing your exact needs to the features of the other plugins.

For example, WooCommerce’s Product CSV Import Export Suite is great for basic product exports, but if you find yourself needing to work with customers or order data later on, or with broader WordPress data types, you’re not going to be happy when you have to keep adding additional plugins to your setup. Not only will that get expensive — having to learn entirely different interfaces for various import/export tasks is no fun, either.

The next three plugins in our list (Product Import Export for WooCommerce, Woo Import Export, and WooCommerce – Store Exporter) put you in a less precarious situation because they can address most WooCommerce import/export needs on their own, but you will feel foolish if you suddenly need to create a product feed for Google Shopping because those plugins can’t handle that task or broader WordPress imports/exports, either. So, roll up your sleeves and make sure you know exactly what you need and what you’re getting before you make this type of purchase.

The good news is that if you’re willing to do your homework, there is certainly a product export plugin in this list that will meet your requirements, which beats not being able to achieve your goals!

We hope the information in this article will help you make a wise choice!