DHL Tracking for Shopify & WooCommerce


Customers depend on order tracking as part of their complete online shopping experience. It’s not always enough to offer quick delivery and multiple shipment options. Consumers want to stay up to date on where their packages are at any time. 30% of consumers have purchased goods online to arrive internationally between two and five times this year, which makes tracking even more critical in a customer’s decisions to buy. It’s great knowing your purchase isn’t at the bottom of the ocean.

Most shipping companies offer live tracking at least for priority and express shipping options. You can use the shipment tracking feature on the DHL website to quickly see where your package is, but there are other options for tracking DHL shipments that are just as easy or even quicker to use in case of multiple shipments.

WooCommerce-Shipment tracking pro
Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify

DHL is one of the world’s top express delivery companies, serving 220 countries with 400 employees across the globe. A child of the parent company, Deutsche Poste, DHL continues to grow each year, becoming a dependable shipping option for eCommerce businesses and the first choice for many online shoppers. 

Integrating Your eCommerce store with DHL Services

DHL has multiple ways in which you can integrate its services into your business. You can manage your DHL account and services using Portals, which are centralized user interfaces. The portals are web-based and more often chosen by those who don’t want to bother with IT but simply need a place to manage their bulk orders. It is not directly integrated with your website. EDI’s can also be used as well as the more commonly used APIs. 

DHL has particular APIs that you can integrate into your website using a web developer or an authorised application such as Multi Carrier Shipping Label. Whereas, a web developer can get costly and run up a bill of items you don’t need, PluginHive provides you with exactly what you need for a low cost. Most eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce allow for downloadable applications or plugins that complete the specialized tasks you need to boost and grow your business. 

There are applications available for download onto your website that serve a particular purpose or you can download one, such as the DHL Shipping Solution for Shopify that includes rates, labels, tracking, and more.

DHL Tracking App for WooCommerce 

Maximize your website’s tracking capabilities by downloading the WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro from PluginHive. For less than $90, you can integrate automated live tracking easily into your WooCommerce. Your customers can easily track their purchases from your business right from your website. 

DHL Tracking App for WooCommerce

By offering multiple shipment carrier options to your customers, you’re likely to increase satisfaction by allowing for a choice to be made on preference and cost rather than one option only. WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Pro allows for tracking of DHL but also USPS, UPS, FedEx and over 80 other carriers.

The app adds more than just tracking from the website, it provides features that using the APIs alone won’t. These both benefit your customers as well as your business. Customers can find their live shipping information from their Account page and choose whether they want to be notified by email. Your business can use Bulk Import WooCommerce tracking details using CSV, FTP & SFTP upload, schedule automatic tracking code imports, and more. 

DHL Tracking App for Shopify 

If your business uses Shopify, tracking with DHL is actually very simple with Shopify Shipment Tracking & Notify App. For the low cost of $9, your customers gain a plethora of features to streamline the shipping process from start to finish. Customers receive real-time tracking notifications to their email. They can also look up their tracking code right from a conveniently integrated tracking lookup page on your Shopify website. And, on the business end of things, you can easily monitor all of your shipments from a user-friendly interface. 

DHL Tracking App for Shopify

The Shopify tracking app from PluginHive will track all DHL and DHL Express shipments along with UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many other popular shipping companies. As noted above, this gives your customers the freedom to choose the shipment company they want based on their budget and personal preference. You’ll quickly see how having an integrated tracking plugin into your eCommerce website boosts customer satisfaction and retention. Your customers will trust that your business is honest and legitimate. 

Both the DHL tracking apps for WooCommerce and Shopify are cost-effective for your business. Unlike web developers that can be expensive and charge you for services you don’t need, you get the services you require to build your brand without bankrupting it. PluginHive’s dedicated support teams are experts in almost every country’s shipment capabilities and the carriers that are likely to promote profitability for your brand — and they won’t charge your firstborn child to help. 

PluginHive allows eCommerce merchants to streamline their shipping process right from cart to customers’ doorstep through real-time shipping prices, tracking options, automation of shipping labels and more. Learn more about integrating PluginHive into your Shopify, WooCommerce, or another eCommerce platform by reaching out to our customer support team.