Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for the United States

Explore our curated selection of the best WooCommerce shipping plugins for United States businesses and find the perfect solutions to fit your WooCommerce store’s unique needs!

  • US-based Carrier-certified Shipping Plugins – Integrate seamlessly with the top United States shipping carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL & Stamps (USPS) for real-time rates and discounted shipping options.
  • Flexible Shipping Cost Calculation on WooCommerce Cart & Checkout – Set up shipping costs based on weight, quantity, price, product type, location, or other combinations and display them on the WooCommerce cart and checkout page.
  • Effortless Tracking for WooCommerce Orders – Provide your customers with clear and up-to-date order tracking information from all major US carriers in one convenient location.
  • Powerful Shipping Automation Tools – Automate domestic shipping with USPS and use UPS or FedEx for international shipping, generate labels in bulk and simplify order fulfillment with intuitive add-ons.
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