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WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments from PluginHive is a powerful plugin that allows you to convert your time, products or services into a bookable resource.

This WooCommerce Bookings plugin allows service providers and businesses of all types to easily integrate and empower their WooCommerce site with a bookings solution for the desired products and services.

With this plugin, you can sell your products and take bookings for other products/services on the same website. For Eg: A Spa website can take bookings for various spa services and also sell beauty products on the same website.


  • Convert a WooCommerce product or service into a bookable resource
  • Allows the admin to configure bookings in a fixed time slot of minutes or hours
  • Allows the admin to configure bookings in a fixed number of days(2,3,7, etc) or as a single day booking
  • Allows the admin to configure bookings in months. (Single month or fixed no of months) Customers will be able to select the months that they want to book
  • Allows the admin to enable a calendar or date range calendar selection
  • Display a calendar that differentiates available dates from booked ones and does not allow to book the already booked dates/time
  • All the above options come with availability checks
  • Display the booking cost per booking
  • Calendar time format can be changed – AM, PM, am or pm – Set as you like by changing the WordPress time-format
  • Display Total Booking Cost dynamically: When a user selects the dates or booking slots, the plugin dynamically shows the booking total cost and the booking start and end dates
  • Allows the admin to set non-working hours. For Eg: If you set non-working hours from 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm. This will not allow your users to book between 12.00 pm and 2.00 pm while you have lunch
  • Allows admin to set Saturday or Sunday or both as non-working days. You may not be working on weekends so we have added a feature for you to mark these days as non-bookable !!
  • Bookings List Page at the backend to view all your bookings in one place, filter the bookings based on product name, booking dates and booking status

Supported Language

This plugin is now available in Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch and Swedish. More to follow!

Business Cases/Applications

  • Doctors could use this plugin as WooCommerce appointments plugin
  • Lawyers could use this plugin as booking calendar
  • Salon and Spa services, Dog walkers etc could use this plugin as WooCommerce services bookings
  • Serves as WooCommerce accommodation booking system
  • Serves as WooCommerce hotel booking system
  • Serves as guesthouse booking system
  • Serves as WooCommerce rental booking system for bikes rentals, party equipment rentals, etc.

What more? The admin configurations are extremely simple and easy to follow, unlike other complex plugins. It works beautifully on a mobile as well.

This WooCommerce Bookings plugin helps you start your online bookings in a few clicks and within a few minutes!

So, empower your business with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments today.

Announcement – Version 1.1.9

  • The latest version now features an enhanced Time (minutes/hours) calendar. For a greater user experience we have now enabled the selection of days from the day calendar and then check all the appointments for that day all in one place. The user can easily navigate from one day to another with just one click.
  • Admin can now decide the calendar format -> (12 or 24) and (AM/PM or am/pm)
  • This plugin is now Compatibility with Woocommerce Deposits and Woocommerce Product Addons.
  • Settings for calendar color change 

Features to look forward to

  • Compatibility with Multi-Vendor to be available soon
  • Additional filters will be added soon


  • Allow multiple bookings for a block. Configure the no of bookings allowed per block.
  • Add People/Materials to the booking. For Eg: Adults/Children etc in case of a hotel or Chairs/Tables etc in case of a party equipment business.
  • Add Resources/Services to the booking. For Eg: Breakfast, AC for a hotel room or Chair color for a party equipment etc.
  • Set special prices or discounts for specific dates or range of dates.
  • Set special prices based on the number of dates selected.
  • Set prices based on the number of people or resources.
  • Set special prices per person/resource.
  • Set any number of non-working hours. You can set your lunch time, tea time etc as non-bookable.
  • Allows admin to set any day or range of days as non-working days. You may not be working on weekends or holidays so we have added a feature for you to mark these days as non-bookable!
  • Create booking availability rules as you wish. You can restrict the Bookings Opening and closing based on relativity to this day(today) or based on specific dates.
  • You can create availability rules based on ranges/specific minutes/days/hours/months.
  • Allow booking cancellation.
  • Configure the bookings to require confirmation from the Admin.
  • Bookings List Page at the backend to view all your bookings in one place, filter the bookings based on product name, booking dates and booking status. Perform actions like confirming a booking, canceling a booking or deleting a booking all in one place.

Exciting news!

Now the Premium version comes with Booking Assets Feature:

Bookings Assets are like global assets which can be attached to multiple products. With this you can sync bookings between multiple products. If product 1 is booked, the booking availability is reflected in Product 2. Also, manage your staff with Booking Assets feature easily.

Check out what features are included in the PRO version as compared to the free : PluginHive Bookings and appointments – Free Vs PRO – Bookings  

Follow the below instructions to install the plugin on your website:

  1. Download and unzip the latest release zip file.
  2. Upload the entire plugin directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress Administration.

Enhancement: Speed optimization in listing all bookings in the back end.
Minor Fix: Defaulting booking period to 1 day on product config page
Enhancement: Overlay with loading effect on changing the month
Enhancement: External plugins compatibility (WooCommerce Deposits and WooCommerce Product Add-ons)
Enhancement: Swedish Translation.
Enhancement: Time calendar with Days calendar for better user experience
Enhancement: Calendar to display the WordPress time format.
Fix: Sunday coming in next line in Day Calendar on some theme.
Fix: Enabled Tax column under the general tab on product configuration page.

Support languages Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
Made configurable virtual and downloadable booking products
Fixed timezone issue on Time calendar.

Fix: CSS issue on day calendar.
Tweak: Hide ‘Non-working hours’ for booking period day and month.

Feature: Added Dutch language translation.
Tweak: Display the Booking info dates in WP date format.
Tweak: Filter for change add to cart message.
Tweak: Display the Booked Price with the currency symbol.
Fix: Allow to continue with the booking of next month without selecting a slot.

Feature: Added French translation.
Fix: Book Now button clocking endlessly for some themes

Standardized the CSS and JS codes.
Fix: Added missing texts to the translation.

Feature: Added Russian language translation.
Fix: Incorrect date is showing for some time zones.
Fix: Text domain name corrected.
Tweak: Standardized some CSS class names.

Fix: PHP error appearing on the product page in some cases.

Fix: In the case of fixed period booking, on date selection date was showing one day behind for some time zone.

Feature added: Bookings List for admin
Fix: Conflict with the premium version.
Fix: CSS conflict with some theme.

Fix: Time calendar is not getting updated on changing the date.
Fix: PHP warning appearing on the canceled order.

Removed canceled orders on the calendar in the front-end.

Fix: Booking is not starting on first availability time.
Fix: Booking restart on end of non-available time.

Fix: Date calendar is not displaying properly on mobile view.

Fix: PHP warning appearing in admin product page if no any availability options set.
Showing proper message if trying to book non-available period.

Feature added: Allows the admin to set non-working hours.
Feature added: Allows admin to set Saturday or Sunday or both as non-working days.

Fix: Booking product option is not hiding for non-bookable products

Fix: Some CSS issue on calendar

Fix: Fatal error appearing in PHP 5.5 or older.

Fix: issue on freezing available slot in case of from and to same.

Fix: issue on showing available booked slots

The initial version of the plugin.


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