How to Set Bookings Availability using WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments?


This tutorial is about setting up booking availability using WooCommerce Bookings and Appointment plugin so that you can allow/restrict booking for a particular period.

Bookings Availability

You need to log in to your WordPress as admin and get into the Edit product page of your desired product. Click on Booking Availability:

Bookings Availability Settings

Booking Availability configuration options:

  • Set A Fixed Booking Window
  • Set A Booking Window Relative To Today (Dynamic)
  • Avoid Last Minute Booking
  • Add Booking Availability Rules

With the right combinations of availability rules, you can implement any business case. So it’s very important to understand each parameter that can help you govern the rules. Please go through the following examples:

Show a Fixed Booking Window

Select the Fixed period option under the Restrict Bookings Availability option. You can use this feature to show a booking window where you can select the starting and end date. Customers can only reserve your product or service for within those days. So, let’s say you have to open your bookings from 06/08/18 to 20/08/18.

Booking Availability Window

The result: 

WooCommerce Bookings
Booking window

Add a Dynamic Preparation Time for your Next Bookings

Select the Relative to Today option under the Restrict Bookings Availability option. Now you can add a, let’s say 4 days, time period to set the availability that will change based on the current date.

Dynamic window for bookings

The Result:

WooCommerce Bookings
When the present day is 01/08/18
WooCommerce Bookings
When the present date is 02/08/18

Show availability based on months

Go to Bookings Availability section and click on +Add. The plugin will display the following drop-down menu where you need to select Range of months.

Now you can define the range of months when you want or don’t want to offer bookings. You need to select the starting and ending months in the From and To sections, respectively. Then select whether you want to provide the bookings for the month(s) or not.

Assume that you want to offer bookings starting from the month of May which will last until the end of December. The best way to achieve this is by blocking the remaining months.

You can also offer bookings for multiple months while keeping others non-bookable. Let us assume that you want to offer a service in the months of August, September, December, January, and March. You then have to disable the bookings for other months. Refer to the following image.

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings
Booking is restricted to certain months

Set availability based on days

You can also set the availability for certain days of the week, recurring days, weekends, or any random day. Go to Bookings Availability section and click on +Add. The plugin will display the drop-down and you have the option to choose either the Range of days or individual days of the week like Monday, Tuesday,…., Sunday.

Set weekends as non-bookable

You can apply bookings to certain time-period by selecting the Range of days option. Let’s say that you want to provide bookings from Monday to Friday and set Saturday and Sundays as non-bookable days.

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings

Certain days of the week

You can offer bookings for certain days of the week. These days will be recurring, i.e, they will repeat every week with the same order. So, for example, you want to offer bookings only on Tuesdays, every week.

Range of days

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings
Repeats every week

Set availability based on the time of the day

The WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin allow users to set availabilities based on the time of the day.

Go to Bookings Availability section and click on +Add. The plugin will display the drop-down menu where you can use the Time Ranges section that includes Time Range(all week) and individual days of the week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Sunday. The plugin also allows you to set non-bookable hour between the booking hours as well.

Set a common booking time period applicable all week

You can implement fixed booking hours which will be applicable for every day of the week. So, for instance, you can set the bookings starting from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Time Range

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings

Set non-bookable hours in between bookable hours

You can take a break away from work or simply work on something else by defining non-bookable hour in between your bookable hours. Let us show 1 non-bookable hour in between 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM.

Time range booking availability

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings

Set availability on individual days

You can set bookable and non-bookable hours on individual days of the week. This way, for example, you can set the usual booking hours every day. And if you don’t wish to show bookings for a particular day then you have to define it here.

Booking Availability for individual days

The result:

WooCommerce Bookings

Let us know if you find this article useful. And if you have any query regarding the Booking Availability setup then feel free to comment down below!

Last Updated On October 23, 2020