WooCommerce Bookings Confirmation & Payment on Approval

Some businesses require that the bookings are not placed and paid for by the customers right away and need to go through approval. The admin approves or rejects the booking and the customer pays for the booking only if the booking is approved. This scenario is handled well by the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin.

Enable Confirmation for WooCommerce Bookable Products

In order to set the desired booking product as requiring approval, visit Product settings > Bookings > Enable the “Requires Confirmation” option, as shown below.

WooCommerce Bookings Confirmation

WooCommerce Bookings Confirmation Request by Customers

  • For requesting a booking the customers can select a date/time in the calendar and click on “Book Now”
Select booking dates on woocommerce shop page

  • “Booking product has been added to the cart” message will be displayed along with a link to “View Cart
visit cart page

* For changing the View Cart message that is displayed refer: FAQ
* In order to skip this step and allow the user to go to cart/checkout directly after clicking ‘Book Now’ button : Refer: FAQ

  • Customers can proceed to the cart by clicking on “View Cart”
woocommerce catr page with booking details
woocommerce catr page with booking cost

  • They can review the booking details and proceed to checkout.
  • Once the customers fill in the required checkout details, they can click on “Request Confirmation“.
woocommerce checkout page

  • With this, the booking request is complete and the customer is presented with an Order Received page. The order details are displayed with Booking status as “Requires Confirmation” and payment method as “Payment on Confirmation“, as shown below.
woocommerce order received successfully
woocommerce bookings payment on confirmation

  • The plugin will also send an email to the customers as shown below :
woocommerce bookings email with bookings details

Confirm WooCommerce Bookings from Dashboard

  • Visit > Bookings > All Bookings 
  • Confirm the desired bookings under Bulk Actions > Confirm Booking > Apply
confirm woocommerce bookings

WooCommerce Bookings Payment

  • After the admin approves the booking request, the customers will receive the below email with a payment link for the booking
woocommerce bookings payment link in the email

  • On clicking the payment link in the email, the customers will be taken to the My Accounts > My Orders page where the payment method is displayed
woocommerce payment options
woocommerce payment methods

  • Once the payment is made, the slot is blocked for the customer and the booking is completed.