WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin Free

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin is a WordPress / WooCommerce extension that combines the power of table rate shipping with real-time rates from shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express & Stamps.com (USPS) to give you a complete shipping solution for your business.

The plugin allows you to get real-time shipping rates from these carriers and calculate based on customer’s location, products category, the shipping class, weight, price, number of items, etc., and displays it on your WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page.

WooCommerce Multi-carrier Shipping plugin offers well-defined solutions to help you set the affordable shipping rates on your store.

Integrate WooCommerce with Multi-Carrier Shipping

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin requires WooCommerce installation in order to work properly. The plugin allows you to get real-time shipping rates based on shipping rules for your business requirement.




free plugin Features

  • Integrates with WooCommerce and allows you to get Real-Time Shipping Rates on your Cart and Checkout page from the following Shipping Carriers
    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • Stamps USPS
    • DHL
    • USPS
  • Set up Unlimited Shipping Rules based on Product Quantity and Shipping Classes
  • Set Conditional Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping based on Product Quantity & Shipping Classes
  • Calculates Real-Time Shipping Rates based on Individual Packing Method. i.e. All products will be packed separately and rates will be calculated for them
  • Get Real-Time Shipping Rates based on Residential & Commercial Address
  • Set up Shipping Locations using built-in Shipping Area Management based on WooCommerce Shipping Zones, Country List, State List, and ZIP Codes

Premium Plugin Features

  • All the features of the free plugin
  • Create Unlimited Shipping Rules based on Shipping Classes, Product Categories, Order Weight, Product Quantity and Order Subtotal
  • Set up Conditional WooCommerce Free & Flat Rate Shipping based on Product Weight, Product Quantity and WooCommerce Cart Subtotal
  • Calculates Real-Time Shipping Rates based on Parcel Packing Methods like Weight Based Pacing, Volumetric Packing as well as Box Packing with Custom Weight and Dimensions
  • Supports Shipping Rate Calculation based on Per Unit Weight, Quantity and Price
  • Percentage Shipping Rate Adjustment for easy Addition or Subtraction from Shipping Cost
  • Easy Addition or Modification of Shipping Rules using the CSV Import and Export Functionality
  • Advanced AND Logic to handle Complex Shipping Rate Calculations
  • Support for FedEx SmartPost & FedEx One Rate Shipping Services
  • Support for Currency Conversion in case of every Shipping Carrier
  • Support for UPS Negotiated Rates (Account Rates)
  • Support for FedEx Standard Shipping Boxes

And Many More…

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Interesting Business Cases

Rates from Multiple Carriers for a Multi-Vendor Store

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Premium plugin is extensively compatible with Dokan Multi-Vendor Plugin.

The integration of both these plugins allows you to get shipping rates from each vendor’s shipping carrier to display on your website cart and checkout page.

Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping with Live Rates

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin allows you to create shipping rules based on your preference.

You can easily set up Free Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping and even Real-Time Shipping Rates based on different factors for your business case.

Shipping Rates for your Multilingual Sites

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin is extensively compatible with WPML plugin. 

You can easily set up the plugin in your preferred language and in turn, the plugin will display shipping rates on your website cart and checkout page.

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Supported Languages

This plugin is now available in the below given languages.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • French
  • German

If your language is not listed here, don’t worry!
Contact PluginHive Customer Support or drop us an email at [email protected] and we will make the plugin available in your language.


We are Shipping and Bookings experts who create quality plugins across E-commerce platforms like WordPress/WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento. We try to create a perfect blend of solutions that are easy to use and customize. We are proud to have 50,000+ customers actively using our solutions across the globe.

In case you are looking for something endorsed and managed by our super enthusiastic development team, here are some of our solutions for different platforms:

♦ WooCommerce Integration

Integrates well with WooCommerce and lets you update the shipment tracking details for your WooCommerce Orders.


♦ Conditional Free Shipping & Flat Rate Shipping

Set up free shipping as well as flat rate shipping based on various factors like,

  • Shipping Location
  • Product Quantity in the cart Page
  • Type of Product Selected in the Cart Page
Free Flat Rate Shipping

♦ Real-Time Shipping Rates from Multiple Carriers 

The plugin will display live shipping rates on your WooCommerce Cart and Checkout page, from the following shipping carriers

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Stamps
  • FedEx


♦ Shipping Rules based on 

You can set up Free Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping as well as Real-Time Shipping rates, based on factors like,

  • Product Weight
  • Cart Subtotal
  • Product Category
rates based on


♦ Import or Export your Shipping Rules

Do you have tons of shipping rules, and modifying it is a pain..?

WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin allows you to export it as a CSV file and modify it. Once it is ready, just import it back to the plugin.

mport or Export your Shipping Rules

For Other Premium Features

Follow the steps below to install the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin.

  • Login to your WordPress site admin using your admin credentials
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New
  • Click on the Upload Plugin button and click on Choose File to browse the plugin ZIP file
  • Select the Zip file and click Open
  • Click on Install Now
  • Click on Activate Plugin

For more details, check out – How to Download – Install – Activate a plugin on your WordPress website?

Updated the URL for Shipping Calculator Tool

Improved Shipping Area Validation

Fix: Fixed the issue of customers not able to get API Key

Introduced Free Shipping using Flat-rate.

Compatibility for Multi-Sites
Improved plugin update feature

Improvement: Added Recipient Address StreetLines and City details for Rate Calculation

Removed states for Ireland and handled older database

Added Plugin Updater.

Fix: Rate not getting from API has been resolved.
Fix: Not able to get API key on HTTPS server has been resolved.

Country without state was not getting saved properly

Content Change: Author details and contributors

Fix: Conflict with the premium version.
Tested with WooCommerce 3.4

Fix: Site getting slow if API email is not provided in the settings page.

Fixed PHP warning a non-numeric value encountered

Fix: Performance issue on loading the zone
Fix: Rate is not appearing if the method name is not provided for the grouped rule
Tweak: Omitted group name appearing with shipping method name
Tweak: Printing proper message on API key generation

Updated FAQ

Compatible with WP 4.9

Fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility issues

Fixed Calculation issue

Fixed USPS rates issue

Updated Settings Page

Minor Content Changed

WooCoommerce 3.0 Compatible

Added DHL Express and Stamps(USPS) Services

Security Improvements

Free Signup Added

Added Screenshots

First Version with Settings page for rule table and shipping area management page

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