UPS Packing Guidelines for WooCommerce

UPS Packing

This article will cover the available UPS Packing methods, the guidelines on how to pack a parcel and have it ready for shipping. It also takes you through a brief understanding of the various UPS packing methods available in the WooCommerce UPS shipping plugin. Understanding the calculation of the weight and size of a package […]

UPS Freight – A guide for WooCommerce users

UPS Freight

This article covers UPS Freight Shipment methods and services. Advantages to each Freight shipping method and how to configure and generate real-time rates, labels and BoL for Freight shipments using WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin What is UPS Freight UPS Freight is the trucking division of UPS based in Richmond, Virginia. UPS Freight covers all 50 […]

Display FedEx Shipping Rates on WooCommerce Checkout


FedEx has given way to small businesses that adhere to going big. Encouraging them to serve customers even beyond international borders. With its fast and reliable shipping services, FedEx provides a constructive set of shipping privileges to users. One of them being FedEx shipping rates.FedEx shipping rates like FedEx One Rates, Account Rates, and Freight […]

Canada Post’s Xpresspost service: Guide for WooCommerce


This article covers Xpresspost as a service within Canada and also for shipments to the USA and the rest of the world. The article will also provide you with the knowledge on how to use Xpresspost services in WooCommerce using the Canada Post Shipping Plugin. Xpresspost is a fast and cost-effective delivery service used for […]

UPS SurePost: A guide for WooCommerce users


This article covers the service UPS SurePost and the benefits of using UPS SurePost to ship lightweight goods. UPS (United Parcel Service) is a multinational package delivery operator that is headquartered in Sandy Spring, Georgia. The company was founded on August 28 1907 by James Casey who named the company American Messenger Company and was later changed […]

A Guide to FedEx Ground Shipping for WooCommerce Users


Ground shipping remains the people’s favorite in the U.S. It’s fairly economical, highly reliable, relatively faster, offers various shipping options, and covers more ground than any similar service. Singularly, the FedEx Ground shipping service is bestowed on business owners by FedEx. Solely constituting to the major portion of FedEx shipments passing through every day. Each […]

How to Set up Canada Post Address Validation in WooCommerce?


With this article, we’ll explore the Canada Post Address Validation feature and see how to implement it on your WooCommerce store. You will learn how this feature could help your customers enter the correct ZIP code for the shipping address on the Checkout page. What is WooCommerce Canada Post Address Validation? Address validation is an […]

How to obtain Canada Post Shipping Rates for your WooCommerce Store

Canada Post Shipping Rates

This article covers Canada Post Shipping Rates and highlights the services available to shippers and recipients and the overall process followed by Canada Post when it comes to generating Canada Post Shipping Rates for shipments. It covers the service availability with the WooCommerce Canada Post Plugin and provides the reader with the knowledge on how to handle Canada […]

Why is FedEx Overnight the Best Expedited Delivery for your WooCommerce?


Trust, safety, and agility are the terms often associated with FedEx. They have been serving small businesses well for quite some time, and there’s no denying they’re best at it. FedEx Express, their top-of-line shipping service, has a subsequent sub-division called the FedEx Overnight. FedEx Overnight is responsible for handling most packages in the U.S. after […]

Is FedEx Standard Overnight a Better Choice for your WooCommerce?

FedEx standard overnight

Sometimes choosing a popular shipping option is better than experimenting with a new one. FedEx Standard Overnight is one of the widely-used shipping services in the world. It’s the go-to-go shipping service for most businesses and for obvious reasons. It is really quick, considerably economical, and delivers packages all across the country where it operates. […]

FedEx Pickup and Special Delivery Options on WooCommerce


What if the customer isn’t home when the delivery truck arrives? How to schedule deliveries for such shipments? Concerns like this put most small businesses in a pickle. Even if you could manage the final deliveries on your own, achieving a perfect delivery system could be a definite stretch. For the most part, FedEx Pickup and […]

Canada Post Tracking for WooCommerce: Comprehensive Guide


This article covers Canada Post Tracking and highlights the possibilities available to shippers and recipients and the overall process followed by Canada Post when it comes to Tracking Canada Post shipments. It covers the compatibility with WooCommerce Canada Post Plugin and provides the reader with the knowledge on how to handle Shipment Tracking with the WooCommerce Canada Post […]

How to Hide WooCommerce Shipping Methods: Complete Guide


Providing free shipping is one of the most tried-and-tested methods for increasing the conversion rate of an eCommerce store. It helps with customer retention and decreases the overall number of cart abandonments. Sadly, WooCommerce doesn’t have built-in functionality to let you define which WooCommerce shipping methods would be visible on the cart page and which […]

Canada Post International Shipping Guide for WooCommerce

Canada Post international shipping

This article is a guide on using Canada Post International Shipping. It covers the requirements for a Canada Post International Shipment as well as the compatibility with WooCommerce Canada Post plugin with Print Labels. Whether you’re sending a regular parcel to a friend/family member overseas or a business owner who ships products overseas on a […]

FedEx International Shipping Guide for WooCommerce Users


Most sellers are afraid to go global. There are many inessential reasons behind their fear. Partial knowledge of the shipping procedure, international regulations, item restrictions, and tedious paperwork—are just to list a few. But we get it, shipping on its own is difficult, and simply thinking about international shipping can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, FedEx international shipping […]

Ship WooCommerce Composite Products from your Online Store


With this guide, we’ll discuss about WooCommerce Composite Products and how to use them using WooCommerce shipping plugins. We’ll also show how to fulfill the orders, print labels, and offer order tracking. What are WooCommerce Composite Products? WooCommerce Composite products are those products that can be used to create complex products by grouping products (simple/variable) […]

WooCommerce Shipping Zones – The Ultimate Guide

WooCommerce Shipping Zones

With WooCommerce Shipping Zones, users can configure the geographical regions they would like to Ship To. Also, the WooCommerceShipping Zones section allows store owners to set WooCommerce Shipping Methods which in turn are displayed during checkout based on the Destination Address entered by the customers. What are WooCommerce Shipping Zones? WooCommerce Shipping Zones are geographical regions […]

A Guide to FedEx Express Shipping for WooCommerce Users


Saving shipping costs is one thing and delivering packages safely is another. Most sellers end up using the wrong service for a very long time until they realize it’s not good for them. But truth be told, it’s kind of hard to find the right balance between both aspects. Which is why going with a […]

How to Get FedEx Production Credentials and Enable FedEx Label Generation for Your Account?

As an online merchant using your own FedEx account to handle the shipping process, you must have authorized access from FedEx for seamless integration with your online store. This authorization is divided into two different ways: In this article, we will check out the process of getting FedEx Production Credentials. Before you get FedEx Production […]