FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping for WooCommerce & Shopify


This article covers FedEx Priority Overnight shipping in detail. We will explore the features and facilities that come along with this service. You will also see how you can integrate it with your WooCommerce and Shopify stores. One of the many things FedEx does best is to deliver items right on time. They have invested in […]

WooCommerce Shipping Tutorial

WooCommerce Shipping Tutorial

With this guide, we’ll tell you everything about WooCommerce Shipping and the various WooCommerce Shipping Plugins available. We’ll also explore the best ways to achieve your WooCommerce shipping conditions using practical examples. WooCommerce Shipping Overview WooCommerce offers an excellent environment for its users to set up and provide the desired shipping rates, methods, conditions, discounts, […]

FedEx SmartPost/Ground Economy: Guide for WooCommerce & Shopify

fedex smartpost

FedEx SmartPost is an economical shipping service used for deliveries to residential addresses. It’s a part of the FedEx Ground network that can be acquired only on a contractual basis. Meaning, you will have to contact FedEx in order to enable the SmartPost service for your FedEx Account. It is one of the most widely […]

How to use FedEx Address Validation on your Online store?


It’s important for a package to reach its correct destination safely. FedEx, in particular, puts in a lot of effort to ensure it happens every time. They have FedEx Address Validation service to determine locations and get shipments delivered to their right addresses. We will explore FedEx Address Validation service and look at the benefits […]

WooCommerce Shipping: USPS Media Mail & USPS Library Mail

USPS Media Mail

Have an E-Commerce store that deals with CDs and DVDs or one that ships out documents and posters? This article covers USPS Media Mail and USPS Library Mail, the ability to ship via USPS Media Mail and USPS Library Mail with the help of WooCommerce and the Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. We will also cover […]

USPS First Class Mail Shipping Guide for WooCommerce & Shopify

USPS First Class

With this article, we’ll talk about Shopify & WooCommerce USPS First Class Mail shipping, a list of features they offer, and the processes required to carry out shipments from your online store. We’ll also show you how to ship First Class Mail using e-commerce shipping solutions including the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin, Shopify USPS Shipping […]

Shopify Shipping: How does it work?

Shopify Shipping

Planning on starting an online business? Looking for the best e-commerce platform? Then Shopify is your answer. It’s an effective e-commerce platform which offers shipping, payments, analytics, and more to help you streamline the shopping experience. In this article, we are going to explore Shopify shipping in detail, cover all the benefits of using Shopify, […]

Shipping USPS Priority Mail for WooCommerce Users

USPS Priority Mail

USPS is a leading shipping carrier within the U.S and is one of the oldest postal services around. USPS has a list of services that are provided to customers and shippers. In this article, we will discuss USPS Priority Mail and USPS Priority Mail Express. We will also cover the feasibility of these services within […]

WooCommerce USPS Shipping Guide


With this guide, we’ll cover USPS, its widely used shipping services, and the top WooCommerce USPS shipping plugins – WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin and PluginHive’s WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin with Print Label. USPS Shipping – An Overview The United States Postal Service(USPS) is an independent mailing agency in the executive branch of the U.S. Federal […]

Canada Post Estimated Delivery for WooCommerce Users


This article will talk about Canada Post Estimated Delivery and the various delivery standards followed by Canada Post. We will also take you through the steps required in the Canada Post Shipping plugin for WooCommerce when it comes to displaying estimated delivery dates in your store. What do you mean by Canada Post Estimated Delivery? […]

UPS Freight vs FedEx Freight: Comparisons for your WooCommerce Store


In this article, we will compare UPS Freight services with FedEx Freight services, from two of the biggest Logistics Companies in the world, FedEx and UPS. We’ll also discuss how the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin will help you sort your Freight shipments out. We’ll take a look into their […]

Canada Post LetterMail Services for WooCommerce

Canada post letter mail services

This article covers the topic of Canada Post LetterMail, the features of LetterMail, its uses, and the steps to be followed while processing any LetterMail shipments. We’ll also discuss the ability to generate rates and ship LetterMail using the Canada Post Shipping plugin for WooCommerce. Canada Post LetterMail is a service brought to you by […]

Shipping Perishable Food and Wine/Alcohol with UPS for WooCommerce Users

shipping perishable food & wine with UPS

This article will cover Shipping Perishable Food and Wine/Alcohol with UPS as a logistics partner. Over this article, we’ll discuss the packaging method, shipping methods to select and what protocol needs to be followed in order for the shipment to reach its destination. Also, we’ll cover the ability to ship Perishable Food and Wine/Alcohol using  the […]

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Estimate Guide


With this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about calculating WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Estimate. Read along to know more. Sometimes shipping cost takes precedence over the delivery time. To reach your business potential and maximize the return on investment, it’s compulsory to provide accurate or cheap shipping rates. And what better than […]

Ship UPS Hazardous Material/Dangerous Goods with WooCommerce

Ship UPS Hazardous Material/Dangerous Goods

This article covers shipping UPS Hazardous Material and Dangerous Goods with WooCommerce by using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin. We’ll list out the ways in which you can pack your shipment so it stays compliant with the regulations set by International Bodies and UPS. What are UPS Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods? Hazardous Materials abbreviated as HAZMAT are […]

WooCommerce Shipping: UPS Service Guarantee

WooCommerce Shipping: UPS Service Guarantee

This article covers the topic, of the UPS Service Guarantee. The UPS Service Guarantee is custom designed by UPS to ensure that customers/recipients receive their package on or before the pre-defined time specified by UPS. We’ll also cover the delivery times and when to expect your parcel while shipping with WooCommerce and using the WooCommerce […]

FedEx Express Saver Guide for WooCommerce Users


Conveniently, FedEx Express renders some of the most flexible shipping services. So no matter what your business deals with, there’s always a service for you to choose. For instance, you have the FedEx First Overnight for ultra-fast deliveries, and FedEx Express Saver for your usual economical shipments. FedEx Express Saver, in particular, stems from the […]

UPS Air services for WooCommerce Shipping

Exploring UPS Air services in WooCommerce

This article covers UPS Air services for domestic addresses, their benefits, and features along with the ability to retrieve real-time UPS Air rates, generate packages, and shipping labels, and track shipments using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin as well as UPS Shipping via StorePep. As a retailer, you may be inquisitive about which are the […]

Canada Post Priority Shipping – A WooCommerce Tutorial

Canada Post Priority shipping

This article covers Canada Post Priority services for Domestic shipments as well as International shipments. The article also covers the availability of the Canada Post Priority service within the WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin. Canada Post Priority Canada Post provides the fastest domestic shipping service in the form of Canada Post Priority. Shipping through Priority guarantees […]

FedEx Tracking Made Easy for WooCommerce Users

FedEx Tracking

Some consider shipment tracking an unexplored area that could deprive businesses of success if it’s tampered with. There’s a lot that could go wrong as soon as your package leaves the warehouse, leaving you with no sense of its whereabouts. But thankfully, things are pretty good in the case of FedEx tracking. FedEx recently made some […]