How To Display FedEx Shipping Methods on WooCommerce Store


In this article, we will be discussing the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin and how this plugin offers automated real-time shipping rates for all the FedEx shipping methods on your WooCommerce store. When it comes to shipping there are a lot of shipping carriers that offer a world-class service. However, providing the same experience within an E-commerce environment like WooCommerce isn’t that easy. You require a quality plugin that is both feature-rich as well as budget-friendly. So, today we will check out an amazing WooCommerce shipping plugin that helps you redefine your shipping using FedEx as a shipping carrier. Now, before going through the technical aspects of displaying the FedEx shipping methods, let’s first see why you should choose FedEx as a shipping solution for your online store.

Why Choose FedEx For Your Store?

One of the best things about FedEx is the huge network that FedEx has developed over time. This huge network spans more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. In other words, FedEx has the capability of importing as well as exporting goods to more than 220 countries throughout the world. There are not many shipping carriers that can match FedEx when it comes to geographical coverage. The same can be said about the reliability of products that FedEx ships. FedEx provides ground as well as air shipments throughout the world. Apart from that, FedEx also supports Freight shipments. So, the next time you will be shipping your heavy-weight products, you won’t have to worry about late deliveries or your products getting damaged. FedEx is also known for its versatility when it comes to shipping. It allows separate shipping for hazardous products like chemicals, as well as restricted products such as alcohol. Of course, there are procedures that you need to follow. But in the end, FedEx gets the job done.

What does the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin offer?

Now that we know how FedEx proves to be beneficial as a shipping carrier, it’s time to understand how you can make full use of it. WooCommerce FedEx is the best shipping plugin when it comes to handling WooCommerce shipping. Being a WooCommerce store owner, you have to plan your shipping based on your business needs. You can have a huge customer base domestically and would require cheaper shipping options to make sure you retain your customers. On the other hand, you may want to focus more on international shipments and offer overseas customers a faster and more reliable shipping option. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin is the first choice of many WooCommerce store owners because of its versatility and flexibility. The plugin supports all FedEx shipping methods with real-time and accurate shipping rates from FedEx. On top of that, the WooCommerce FedEx plugin supports domestic as well as international shipping. All you need to do is configure your FedEx account in the plugin settings, and you are good to go. The plugin automates the real-time shipping rates on your website. The customer can choose from tons of FedEx shipping methods based on their preferences and the plugin will display the real-time shipping rates on the cart page.

Automate Real-time FedEx shipping rates on the cart page

The WooCommerce FedEx plugin even lets you enjoy all the benefits FedEx provides based on your FedEx account. It supports FedEx negotiated shipping rates, FedEx One Rate, and Shipping of chemicals, alcohol, etc. Not only that, the plugin is a complete shipping solution. Apart from the real-time shipping rates, the plugin also handles product packing, shipping labels as well as FedEx tracking. Apart from these features, there are tons of other amazing features of the WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin, which can help you carry out your WooCommerce shipments smoothly.

How To Automate FedEx Shipping Methods On Your Cart?

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin automates FedEx shipping methods on your cart based on your choice. As discussed earlier, the plugin supports all the official FedEx services. However, displaying FedEx shipping methods using this WooCommerce FedEx plugin is totally based on your business requirement. You can enable any of these services which you require and the plugin will display it on the cart page. However, even if you enabled all of them, the plugin will automatically display the available FedEx shipping methods for a particular location. For instance, you can see the FedEx shipping methods are different in both the images below.

Official FedEx Shipping Rates for California and Hawaii

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin supports the following FedEx shipping methods, by default.

FedEx Shipping Services supported by the plugin

One more thing that you can easily notice in the image above is the FedEx Freight services. Not only that, the WooCommerce FedEx plugin also supports FedEx One services. These are the additional services that you can choose to display on your website if these services are supported by your FedEx account.

  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx One Rates

Freight is that category of shippable products where the package weight is more than 150 lbs. FedEx provides reliable, on-time, and day-definite shipping service for your LTL shipments, and that too, free of cost. It provides shipping options for both domestic as well as international freight shipments. It is a part of FedEx shipping that deals with the calculation of the shipping prices of relatively smaller packages and operates in the US. This feature helps customers to predict the pricing and choose the shipping method according to their needs. The process of opting for the right shipping pricing value is very easy to execute, and the service via FedEx is highly reliable. Underlying the list of the main features, one of the unique options is that there is no weighing or measuring of shipments under 50 lbs. This means that you don’t have to worry about the weight qualification of the orders. Thus, there are no extra fees like fuel, residential, and delivery area surcharges. Moreover, it does not alter the base rate for the shipment which is very convenient for both business owners and customers.

Enable FedEx Shipping Methods

Apart from enabling the FedEx shipping methods in the plugin settings, there are some more options you need to enable before you can get the shipping rates on the cart page. Take a look at the image below.

Enable Real-time Rates

Here you can see the options to enable the FedEx shipping methods that this plugin provides. Moreover, if your business case requires FedEx freight, you need to enable freight services in the WooCommerce FedEx plugin settings too.

FedEx Freight for heavier products

Get FedEx Shipping Methods On The Orders Page

While customers can choose any delivery option on the cart page, it’s the store owner who has to actually ship the products. In doing so, the store owner can choose to send the package via a cheaper shipping method and make some profit. Or in some cases, where the food products are being shipped, the store owner can actually ship via a faster delivery option irrespective of the shipping method selected by the customers. Now, to make sure the store owners are selecting the accurate shipping methods, WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin has something really convenient for them. The plugin allows store owners to get an idea of how much the shipping carrier will charge them. It displays the shipping rates on the orders page for each order. This not only helps in comparing the shipping rates between different FedEx shipping methods but also ensures the shipping method is available for a particular location or not. The image below displays all the available FedEx shipping methods with real-time shipping rates for a particular order.

All available FedEx shipping methods with real-time shipping rates for an order

As you can see in the image, there are seven shipping methods available for that order. Now the store owners can easily choose using which FedEx shipping method they want to ship the products.

Display FedEx Shipping Methods from Multiple Vendors

Now let’s say you have multiple vendors on your store who sell different items. To set FedEx shipping methods in that case, you would require an additional addon along with the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin.

The WooCommerce Multiple Vendor Shipping Addon provides seamless integration between PluginHive Shipping plugins and your vendors. With this addon, you can choose to set up a FedEx shipping calculator on the cart/checkout page for each vendor separately. You can read this article on FedEx Multi Vendor Shipping Guide using WooCommerce Product Vendors to know more.

Final Thoughts

This article covers just one aspect of how easy and hassle-free your shipping experience can be using the WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin. This plugin not only provides automated and real-time shipping rates on your website but also provides tons of features that will make shipping easier for you. The way it automates the real-time shipping rates for all the FedEx shipping methods as well as the whole WooCommerce shipping process makes this plugin the best choice for your online business.

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