Brexit Impact on UPS International Shipping in WooCommerce

brexit impact on international shipping with UPS

As a part of the European Union, Britain enjoyed many concessions on eCommerce transactions with other countries in the EU. Impact of Brexit on the eCommerce industry can be seen by how transactions are conducted now between Britain and the European Union. Significant points to consider are EORI number, HS Tariff code, currency, and country […]

Shopify India: Everything You Need to Know

shopify india

Shopify, a large e-commerce hosting platform headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, has exploded over the past decade. It has become a staple for online retail brands across the globe, being present in India since 2013. According to Cartinsight, there are 243 Shopify websites in India reaping the benefits of gaining a self-hosted, easy-to-navigate platform for their […]

Use UPS Carbon Neutral For Greener Shipping Of WooCommerce Orders


Online sales have increased tremendously since its advent in 2014. In 2020, total eCommerce sales reached about US $ 4.2 trillion, and the current pandemic scenario has also contributed to these numbers. There seems to be no end in view to these numbers, as eCommerce is expected to become a US $ 6.5 trillion industry. […]

How to set up Purolator Account


Purolator is one of the top shipping carriers in Canada, which is 91% owned by Canada Post. As an eCommerce store owner using your own Purolator account to handle the shipping process, you must have an authorized access from Purolator for seamless integration with your online store. The following applications help you integrate Purolator Shipping […]

HS Tariff Code in FedEx Commercial Invoice for Woocommerce Shipping

HS tariff code in Fedex Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is an essential part of international shipping. Customs authorities in any country provide clearance for a shipment based on a commercial invoice. A commercial invoice has various components that help in assigning correct duties and taxes on a shipment. One of the specific points to consider in a commercial invoice is the […]

FedEx Commercial Invoice With Right WooCommerce Product Price

right price woocommerce fedex commercial invoice

As a WooCommerce store owner, you may be selling products internationally. Once you receive orders, it is your responsibility to ensure that the products reach the customers quickly and efficiently without delays.  Your customers don’t care for the rules and restrictions of international trade. They are concerned with how swiftly their ordered products reach them. […]

Canada Post Pickup, Return Labels or COD – Features & Options for eCommerce Store


Shipping within Canada is easy with Canada Post. Not only do you get excellent prices depending on your shipping options, but there are so many other features and options available to make the entire shipping process of your eCommerce business perfect. Canada Post is the top and most trusted mail carrier in the Country and […]

How to Use Canada Post Flat Rate Boxes To Save Shipping Cost


Knowing the best shipping options for your eCommerce business is important to compete in this growing market. Canada Post flat rate boxes could be saving your eCommerce business some unnecessary shipping costs. eCommerce businesses from small startups to medium-sized veterans are searching for ways to decrease shipping costs for themselves and their customers while maximizing […]

Canada Post International Shipping – Customs Documents and Shipping Services for eCommerce


Although Canada Post is known for its excellent national postage delivery service, you can easily ship your eCommerce shipments internationally with the Canada Post customs documents. Customs can be frustrating when shipping packages across the Canadian border or to any foreign shoppers. There shouldn’t be any destination limits when it comes to the eCommerce industry. […]

How Brewing Cricket Ships Authentic Cricket Equipments Worldwide with DHL and Delhivery

How Brewing Cricket Ships Authentic Cricket Equipments Worldwide with DHL & Delhivery

Counterfeit sporting equipment poses a huge problem across the world and cricket equipment is not immune. Many new and veteran players struggle to decipher what’s fake from what’s real. It’s a problem that Karthik, owner of Brewing Cricket with his partner is successfully providing a solution to, both within their home city of Bangalore, India […]

How WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin Helps BunkTrunk Reach 50% Fewer Product Returns

For Guy Plouffe and his wife Darla, starting BunkTrunk, a locking box for college dorm rooms, was more than filling a niche for students across the United States, it was a solution for a father to provide his daughter with a safe place to store her laptop and belongings when she wasn’t in her shared […]

Canada Post for Small Business: Contract or Non-Contract Shipping

With the growing need for on-demand and fast delivery of online products, many eCommerce businesses stress over the entire shipping process. Minimizing the time and cost of sending packages across the country and beyond can seem daunting, but Canada Post (as well as other shipping carriers) tries to make it as streamlined as possible. They […]

Does Canada Post Deliver on Weekends?


Many eCommerce businesses think that Canada Post parcel service doesn’t include weekend delivery. Is this true? Canada Post may still get delivered on weekends. Here’s how. Online shoppers are expecting more and more from the brands they shop from. Delivery is important in their buying decisions. In fact, the number one reason why customers abandon […]

Faster WooCommerce Shipping with UPS Address Validation

correct woocommerce shipping with ups address validation

Once customers place their order on your WooCommerce store, it is your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that your products reach them without delay and high costs. For that reason, the address in the shipping label needs to be validated. When placing orders, a customer may enter the wrong address when they are […]

All About UPS International Shipping and Import Control in WooCommerce

Faster ups shipping for woocommerce orders

If your strategy to expand your business involves selling and shipping your products internationally, there will be different international shipping regulations you have to comply with. Depending on what kind of business you are operating, there may be different rules and regulations. In this article, you will get an idea about import control and how […]

Shopify Shipping packaging hack – Pre pack a unique product in your shipment


The packaging process has always been a hassle for most Shopify merchants, especially those who sell products of different sizes and shapes. Configuring product weight & dimensions for each of the products, adding different box sizes for your products, choosing the right box based on what the customer orders; the complete process requires a lot […]

How To Display WooCommerce Discounts in UPS Commercial Invoice

Discount Charges on Commercial Invoice For UPS International Shipping

Depending on your business strategy, you may be offering attractive WooCommerce discounts on one or many of your products in your store. Offering discounts is an excellent way to attract new customers as well as boost sales. However, in international sales, you have to use a commercial invoice. So how are you going to show […]