Shipping from UK to US: Top Carriers Compared


If you are an eCommerce merchant looking to expand your business and start shipping overseas, shipping from UK to US offers a wealth of options. According to industry data, the eCommerce business in the United States is thriving, with customers spending almost £12.5 billion on goods and services from the United Kingdom alone. However, before […]

Shopify Accounting – Tips to Manage Finance and Bookkeeping

shopify accounting

Running a business is a hard job. There are so many things to think about and keep track of, from marketing and sales to production and logistics. But one of the most important – yet often overlooked aspects of running a business is accounting and bookkeeping. If you’re not careful, sloppy bookkeeping can lead to […]

Shopify Security: Its Importance, Checklist, and Tools


Data breaches are a threat to business owners, including online merchants. As soon as shoppers identify a potential threat on a website, they might look for an alternative store, fearing their loss of crucial data, breakdown of the site, loss of revenue, etc.  Online merchants have to be smart about their approach to cybersecurity. Picking […]

WooCommerce Payments – Beginners Guide

woocommerce payments

eCommerce is on an exponential growth trajectory as more people turn to digital platforms to shop and sell. Retail eCommerce sales hit $4.9 trillion in worldwide sales in 2021. With all the growth now going on, more and more people want to start an online business and sell products digitally. A buyer should be able […]

10 Best WooCommerce Membership Plugins


Membership is a proven strategy to increase sales in your eCommerce store. You can create hype around your brand by giving special offers and discounts to regular consumers. This strategy boosts your sales, increases your credibility, and offers you a closer relationship with your customers.  A membership plan is very simple to set up if […]

Shopify Payments Overview


Two things that matter when you’re in the eCommerce business: conversion rates and chargeback rates. Higher conversion rates mean turning more visitors into buyers. Lower chargeback rates mean keeping more of the money you make. And there’s one tool that will help supercharge both of these metrics that is underutilized and misunderstood– Shopify Payments. On […]

Boost WooCommerce Conversion Rate with these 10 tips


The success of your WooCommerce business depends entirely upon the number of conversions. Having high traffic numbers is great, but unless they turn into paying customers, you’re not maximizing your profit. Statistics show that only 22% of WooCommerce stores are satisfied with their conversion rates. Owning a high-traffic WooCommerce website but having low conversions isn’t […]

Best WooCommerce Multi Currency Plugins – 2022

woocommerce multi currency

Do you know around 18% of customers abandon carts because the pricing is unclear? One of the best ways to optimize your conversion & expand your business overseas is to let customers switch to their local currency. WooCommerce doesn’t allow currency conversion on its own. So, here are some of the best free & premium […]

MyPost Business – Save up to 30% on Shopify & WooCommerce Shipping

mypost business offer

PluginHive has partnered with Australia Post to help you save time and money on shipping with MyPost business. Sign up & use the promo code supplied to fast-track your savings, and for the first 12 weeks, save up to 30% on domestic parcel sending and 25% on international sending. Get started here. T&Cs & Eligibility […]

Best WooCommerce Discounts Plugins

woocommerce discounts plugins

Pricing is a significant factor that affects your sales and setting up too high or too low prices lead to missing out on valuable sales. However, well-thought discounts & offers encourage your customers to buy more. Even a recent survey from RetailMeNot found that 80% of shoppers feel encouraged to make a first-time purchase with […]

4 Shopify Inventory Management Tips to Follow in 2022

Shopify inventory management

The supply chain is a crucial part of every business’s operational function that has a long-term impact on profitability. This includes managing business inventory like raw materials, end products, work in progress, and Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) supplies. Effective control of the flow of these products in and out of your business comes with […]

Shopify Business – Ultimate Guide For 2023


In an increasingly digital world, businesses that haven’t transitioned to an eCommerce model trail far behind others that have. Shopify businesses are ubiquitous today and are a massive part of the present global business landscape.  Most of us have either experienced shopping on an online store, currently own one, or plan to build an eCommerce […]

MyPost Business Shopify Integration

mypost business account

When starting an online business, you want to minimize the costs of overall operations, particularly shipping. But businesses that do not ship in bulk or meet the minimum package amount are often excluded from any discounts from almost all major shipping carriers.  However, Australia Post MyPost Business is an economical option for businesses that are […]

Top 5 WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins


Everyone who has a WooCommerce website needs a WooCommerce Email Customizer plugin. The main reasons for this include: A customizer email plugin will ensure that you bring out a different touch and design of emails compared to your major competitors. It will also help market and uplift your brand, which is an added advantage.  This […]

Top 7 WooCommerce Product Export Plugins


When managing a WooCommerce store, most store owners will eventually need to export product data for one of these reasons: While WooCommerce has a built-in product import/export tool, it’s quite limited, so you’ll likely need to export your products using a more capable export plugin. This article describes the 7 best WooCommerce products export plugins currently […]

Top 7 WooCommerce Order Export Plugins


Most WooCommerce store owners need to export order information at some point. The reasons for this include: WooCommerce doesn’t have a built-in option to export orders,  so you’ll have to use a reliable export plugin to perform these tasks.  In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 most reliable WooCommerce orders export […]