How to register for a MyFastway account


Fastway Couriers is known for providing quick and reliable domestic & international shipping services within Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and Northern Ireland. Fastway Couriers was rebranded as Aramex across Australia & New Zealand and the shipping process all across Australia and New Zealand is handled using the MyFastway tool by Aramex. For businesses […]

How to register for a PostNord account

PostNord business account

Founded in 2009, PostNord is a postal service company serving Nordic countries, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. As an eCommerce store owner using your own PostNord account to handle the shipping process, you must have authorized access from PostNord for seamless integration with your online store. The following applications help you handle PostNord […]

How To Create Return Shipping Label For eCommerce Store?

Return label

Product returns are an inevitable part of every business. In order for your customers to return products, you may send them a return shipping label so they can return the product to your address. Return shipping labels ensure a prompt delivery return to the merchant, allowing the merchant to handle refunds to customers as soon […]

Li-Lac Chocolates Achieves Efficient Packaging and Faster Shipping With The Shopify FedEx App

Lilac Customer Story

Manhattan’s old artisan chocolate company, Li-Lac chocolates have been spreading sweetness since 1923. Li-Lac chocolates specializes in hand-made chocolates and gifts, made from fresh gourmet chocolate in America. Their quality and unique products are delivered all across New York City, making their business grow every day. With the increase in the number of orders, shipping […]

DHL Proof of Delivery for Shopify & WooCommerce

DHL Proof of Delivery

Online sales have boomed in the last couple of years and have been growing exponentially. This is a massive achievement for the eCommerce marketplace. However, the increase in the volume of orders is impacting the delivery services significantly. Issues of lost packages or delays in order delivery have doubled, resulting in trust issues between the […]

Schedule Purolator Pickup for WooCommerce & Shopify Orders


eCommerce businesses are busier than ever before. Pivoting much of our shopping online for the majority of the last two years, we’ve grown comfortable with the convenience online shopping provides. Especially when it comes to fast and efficient delivery, more businesses are reworking their shipping models to include features they may not have considered before.  […]

Australia Post Tracking for WooCommerce & Shopify


If you’re an eCommerce brand, providing the best service is important because it allows you to stand out among your competitors while supporting your customers and increasing their overall satisfaction. You’ve likely been told that it’s cheaper to retain the customers you already have than to seek out and persuade new ones to buy your […]

Aramex Tracking for WooCommerce & Shopify


No matter where an eCommerce business is based or where their customers are located, making the shipping process as simple as possible has become a standard practice instead of a convenient perk. Consumers no longer want to wait days or even weeks to find out where their online orders are and how much the final […]

Blue Dart International Courier Charges


Online shopping has opened up a global market for consumers around the world. A student in Canada can order their favourite snacks from an eCommerce website based in India and have it arrive in time for the weekend. Most shipping companies, especially those with multiple locations globally will offer international shipping services. This can be […]

Purolator Ground Shipping for WooCommerce & Shopify


As courier methods continue to evolve, online orders are becoming a real competitive option for consumers to shop for the products they need and want. For many major cities in Canada and across the world, orders made on the evening of a Monday can arrive by the same time the next day – for a […]

Blue Dart Tracking for Shopify & WooCommerce


It’s no longer possible to succeed as an online business without offering live order tracking services as part of your overall shipping strategy. It’s a simple step to take that will make a world of difference for your global customers. Most if not all major shipping companies provide live tracking automatically in their express or […]

Why Zebra Printers are best to print shipping labels

Zebra printers

Printers have become the most essential device in everyday activities for both personal and professional use. In this article, we will discuss how thermal printers are different from conventional printers and why Zebra thermal printers are the best choice for printing shipping labels. Thermal Printers vs Conventional Printers Conventional printers like laser printers, are very […]

How VomMart automates Multi-Vendor Shipping with PluginHive

CEO VomMart

Based in the northwestern part of the Indian Subcontinent, Rajasthan, VomMart has been growing exponentially as the one-stop-shop for all grocery needs. They sell almost all groceries & gourmet items, culinary equipment, and clothing items across India at a marginally low cost. VomMart has multiple vendors across the state to ensure a smooth delivery experience […]

USPS Prices For 2022: All You Need To Know

USPS Updated Shipping Rates 2022

The United States Postal Service (USPS) delivers approximately 400,000 pieces of mail every day, making it one of the most widely used postal delivery services worldwide. Within the United States, USPS offers some of the cheapest shipping options and delivers to almost every residential & business address daily. USPS recently announced an increase in their […]

Canada Post Tracking for Shopify & WooCommerce


Online shopping has never been as high as it is right now. The world has shifted to completing many tasks online. Due to recent world events, we have been propelled into the future much more quickly than we could have imagined. Online shopping is at an all-time high, affordable prices are a click away, and […]

USPS Tracking for Shopify & WooCommerce


As a growing eCommerce company, it is critical to understand the ins and outs of the latest trends in technology and the demands of the consumer so you can meet their needs as well as your own without compromising the success of your brand or needing to adjust after the fact.  The shipping process is […]

Delhivery Tracking for Shopify & WooCommerce


There’s a reason why real-time tracking has become so popular – it’s because it provides online shoppers with peace of mind that their package is on its way. Indeed, online brands who choose not to go the extra mile by offering order tracking are likely to lose customers to those that do.  Of the many […]