How can I set “All the World” instead of typing all the countries names?

In this small guide, we will tell you how you can set the ‘All the World’ instead of typing all the countries names when using the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro plugin.


We are using your Shipping Pro plugin and have a problem. We have a shipping class for each brand of products. And different prices for different countries. And then we have some brand that has the same price for all the world. In the countries field, how can I set “All the World” instead of type all the countries names?

For example:

ABC brand

– Spain: 7€

– Europe: 10€

XYZ brand

– World: 15€

In XYZ, how can I set this price to all the world without typing all the countries? I’ve seen the option “Rest of the world” but this is not working because it only takes the countries that I didn’t set in any other shipping class. Please let me know.


If you leave the country field as empty, It will automatically take in all the countries. Just keep the field empty.


And this will work for all the world even if I have countries added in other shipping methods, right?


Yes, It will work even if you have added countries in other shipping methods.