FedEx SmartPost shipping with Shopify

This guide explains FedEx SmartPost shipping and how you can handle FedEx SmartPost shipping on your Shopify store using the Shopify FedEx app.

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What is FedEx SmartPost shipping?

FedEx SmartPost is an adequate and economical shipping service for light-weight packages implemented to help merchants manage their shipping costs. It is an efficient shipping service used for the deliveries to residential addresses across the US territories.

FedEx SmartPost is a part of the FedEx Ground network that can be acquired only on a contractual basis. This means that you will have to contact FedEx in order to enable the SmartPost service on your FedEx account.

Understanding the FedEx SmartPost shipping process

As mentioned in the above section, FedEx SmartPost is a contractual service. You can contact FedEx to enable SmartPost on your account which will be based on your average daily shipping volume. FedEx creates a personalized shipping structure to get your packages from your store to its distribution points.

Once the packages are sorted based on the delivery areas at a FedEx facility, they are then transported using the FedEx Ground shipping. When these packages arrive at the FedEx destination hub, they are moved to the USPS bulk mail center based on the delivery location. FedEx may move the packages to a USPS local post office depending on the locations as well.

Finally, USPS picks up the packages for the delivery and delivers it to the final destination.

Features of FedEx SmartPost

  • FedEx SmartPost service is available for locations within the U.S. It can deliver packages from and to any of the 48 states including Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. territories, P.O. boxes, and military APO, FPO, and DPO destinations. FedEx doesn’t offer SmartPost services for international shipments.
  • It delivers packages from Monday to Saturday mostly within 2-7 business days.
  • Saturday delivery is possible by USPS without any FedEx surcharge.
  • Each package for FedEx SmartPost should have a maximum weight restriction of 70 Lbs. Also, each package should not cross the length of 130 inches in length plus girth.

In order to get the details regarding shipping rates and zones supported for SmartPost, visit FedEx SmartPost rates and zones.

FedEx special services not offered with FedEx SmartPost

Since the final delivery is done by USPS, FedEx cannot offer its complete list of special services for SmartPost. Below is a list of FedEx special services that are not applicable to FedEx SmartPost.

1. Collect On Delivery (C.O.D)
2. Money-back guarantee
3. Declared Value
4. Signature Proof of Delivery
5. Hazardous materials service
6. Evening or appointment delivery

Setting up FedEx SmartPost using the Shopify FedEx App

Set up FedEx SmartPost under the account section

The first step is to set up FedEx SmartPost. To do that, head to App settings –> Account –> Enable FedEx SmartPost. Once you enable this, you will have the option to set up different aspects related to FedEx SmartPost.


Each mail item must be stamped with a postal imprint or “postal indicia.” The indicia tells the receiving postal administration that proper postage or a postal permit is available to allow the items to enter the domestic mail delivery system. Choose the indicia from the drop-down list.

Hub ID
FedEx SmartPost manages 25 hubs that are positioned accordingly to handle outbound and returns volume efficiently. You can select the required option from FedEx SmartPost Hub drop-down list.

Ancillary Endorsement
Any package that is undeliverable or refused will be the responsibility of the customer. For shipments delivered by USPS, FedEx offers Ancillary Service “Endorsements,” which the customer can utilize to instruct the USPS on the disposition of packages that are undeliverable or refused.

The Customer shall pay any and all applicable postage due resulting from the use of such Endorsements. Specify an endorsement type from the following:

Enable the FedEx SmartPost service

Once FedEx SmartPost is set up under the account section, head to Settings –> Rates –> Carrier Services. Ensure that FedEx SmartPost is enabled under this section as shown below.


FedEx SmartPost only supports Custom boxes and not FedEx Boxes. If you are using Box packing method, ensure that you only enable custom boxes for the packaging process.

Display Shopify FedEx SmartPost rates at checkout

Once you have set up FedEx SmartPost, add a product to the cart, and proceed to checkout. You will be able to see the FedEx SmartPost service at checkout as shown below. Here, FedEx 2 Day, FedEx Priority Overnight, and FedEx First Overnight is enabled along with FedEx SmartPost.


After the order is placed, head to the Shopify orders section. Now, select the required orders and click on “Auto-generate Labels”.


This will generate the FedEx SmartPost labels that will be available under the shipping section within the app. You can click on the “print icon” to print the label as shown below.


Given below is a sample FedEx SmartPost shipping label.


If you have any queries regarding setting up FedEx SmartPost shipping with the Shopify FedEx app, do contact PluginHive support.

Last Updated On February 15, 2021