Shopify FedEx Return Shipment Delivery on Saturday

If you are a Shopify merchant with a business that involves return shipping, you might know how hard it can be to organize the whole process and handle it smoothly.

This article focuses on simplifying the FedEx Saturday return shipping on Shopify using the Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx, and how this streamlines the whole business for the merchants.

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Which businesses require return shipping?

Almost all of them! Yes, the customers might be unhappy with their order for a number of reasons; they ordered the wrong size, it didn’t meet their expectations or the product arrived damaged. In such cases, they ask for a replacement or a refund. But, such situations can be controlled if you handle it properly. With a clearly communicated return policy and the right system to handle this, returns, exchanges, and refunds can be easily controlled.

However, there are some businesses for which return shipping is mandatory. For example, if you are running a blood sample collection store, you need to send the required items for collection and the customers need to return the sample back to the merchant. The same applies for rental businesses as well. After use, the customer have to return the product to the merchant.

Why is Saturday Return shipping important for such businesses?

Let’s take the example of the blood sample collection store. In such a business, the merchant sends the sample collection items, and the customers send back the sample for testing.

Now, what if the blood sample result is required as soon as possible? In normal situations, if the customer receives the sample collection items on a Friday, the merchant will receive back the sample only on Monday.
But, if there is an option for a Saturday return, the customer can send the sample on Friday using the FedEx Priority Overnight Saturday delivery service and the merchant receives the item on a Saturday. So, for such businesses, it is really crucial to handle the returns well so that, the items are available for testing and the results are available as soon as possible.

Now, if we consider a rental business, if a product is not returned on time, it creates a big impact on the business. For example, a customer have booked an item until Friday and the same item is booked by another customer from Monday. In normal cases, there might be issues in handling the situations as the item might reach back at the store only on Monday and the next customer will not get the item on time.
However, if there is a Saturday return delivery option, the customer can return the item on Friday and it is received back at the store on Saturday. This avoids any confusions and the next customer receives the product on time.

FedEx Services that offer Saturday Returns

Not all FedEx services offer a Saturday Return shipping. As you can see in the image below, there are a few services that don’t provide a Saturday return delivery option.


Understand how to handle FedEx Saturday Returns in Shopify effortlessly

Normally, for the return shipments, the customer can return the package and FedEx delivers it on any of the days from Monday to Friday. But some of the businesses might require the item to be returned as soon as possible and can’t wait for another two days just to receive the items. This requires the return shipments to be delivered on Saturdays as well.

The Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx allows merchants to handle FedEx Saturday Delivery for return shipments. The merchants can generate the return shipping labels for Saturday delivery. This informs FedEx that the store is open on Saturdays and the return delivery will be accepted on Saturdays as well.

To enable FedEx Saturday Delivery for return shipments, head to the Orders section under the app and choose the order that has to be returned. You can then select the “Return icon” as shown below.


Now, enable the Saturday delivery, select the return quantity, return reason, and choose “Refresh rates”. You can then choose the required FedEx service and generate the FedEx return label.


The return shipping is handled along with the Saturday delivery, where the customer can return the shipment and FedEx can deliver it from Monday to Saturday. Given below is a sample FedEx return shipping label.


What if Saturday Delivery is not enabled?

If Saturday Delivery is not enabled for an order, the return shipping is handled normally, where the customer can return the shipment and FedEx can deliver it from Monday to Friday. A sample FedEx Return Label for a normal return shipment is given below.


If you have any queries or need help with the FedEx Saturday return shipping, do contact our support.