WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts – Selling Digital products in conjunction with Physical versions

In this guide, we are going to tell you how to use WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin along with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin. We will take a real-life example to understand the concept better.

We have John who is keen on starting an online education portal. He has a list of courses in web designing and decides to use WordPress as his content management system. Once, the course is enrolled by the customer, he plans to send him/her a hard-copy of the respective reference book.

As a first step, he creates a virtual product with the course name. To ship the book (using Canada Post) with every order, he has to manually create a label and then proceed with the shipping. This seems painful and cumbersome and somewhat tricky for him to overcome.

Smart Approach to his Rescue!

John figures out that he can fulfill the order using a WooCommerce Shipping and dynamic pricing plugin:

  1. WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin with Print Label
  2. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce

John achieves the solution in a few simple steps as below:

Step 1: The online course is marked as a virtual product.

Step 2: The book is marked as a simple product.

Step 3: Using XAdapter Dynamic Pricing Plugin, create ad rule under “Buy and Get Free (Offers)” as shown in the screenshot below:

This helps John to automate shipping of the book when the online course is selected. So if a customer selects the product “Course” in the cart, then automatically, one quantity of the product “Book” will be added to the cart.

Cool! Isn’t it?

So now, the customer can easily checkout with these two products in the cart.
Step 4: Once, the order is confirmed, John can conveniently generate a label for the product “Book” using the CanadaPost plugin as shown below:

Note: The virtual product is automatically skipped by the Canada Post plugin during label generation.

Now, you can easily handle a combination of these products in a seamless fashion. We hope this guide would have helped you. Check out WooCommerce Canada Post Plugin to know more.

If you have any issues or need help then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our team should be able to help you set up shipping on your WooCommerce store.

Happy selling!

Last Updated On May 31, 2019