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Error: SoapFault Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host

Are you facing the issue Error: SoapFault Object([messsage:protected] => Could not connect to host) when using the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label? Check out this quick solution.


Why do I get the following error?

SoapFault Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host

PluginHive Support:

This error occurs because the outgoing requests are being blocked.

We request you to contact your hosting service provider.

Last Updated On September 18, 2018

2 thoughts on “Error: SoapFault Object ( [message:protected] => Could not connect to host

  1. Kevin says:


    I have the same error and we contacted support. Support asks what should they be unblocking? Is there something specific they could check? They said they cant help me without more info. We are hosted by inmotion by the way.

    • Anindo
      Anindo says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Can you please raise a ticket to our support on this? They can help you get more info and guide you on the cause.

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