WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping Plugin – Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

In this article, we will help you with some of the frequently asked questions about Canada Post and WooCommerce Canada Post Shipping plugin.

Q1 : I have a VentureOne Canada post account can I Print label and Invoice?

Ans :  No. Print Label & Invoice features are available only for Contract shipping for which you need to be Canada Post commercial customer with a parcel agreement.
However Real-time shipping rates will be available for VentureOne account.

Q2 : I am getting Canada Post Create Shipment Error: ‘contract-id of type ContractIDType may not be empty’.

Ans: Contract Id is mandatory to the Print Label & Invoice for which you need to be Canada Post commercial customer with a parcel agreement.
However, Real-time shipping rates will be available for VentureOne account.

Q3 : I am getting following error ‘There is a mismatch between the endpoints and the authorization.’

Ans : Please configure settings ‘Service url’ as Production or Development based on the Merchant username & password.

Q4 : I get this message at checkout ‘There are no shipping methods available.’

Ans : Enable the debug mode in the plugin. Canada Post Response message will be displayed in cart and checkout page, which will help you to analyze the problem.

Q5 : Can this plugin generate smaller 4×6 labels?

Ans : Yes. It is possible to create 4×6 labels for Canada Post Plugin.

Q6 : Multiple shipping labels generated when the customer ordered more than one items.

Ans : If you use Parcel Packing Method as “Pack Items individually” each item will be packed separately and multiple labels will be generated.
Ideally “box packing” should be used to pack both articles in the single box and generate one shipping label.

Q 7 : The system is not showing the estimated shipping time, even if the option is on.

Ans : Not all Canada post services promises the delivery date. Ex: please see below

  • Xpresspost USA – approx. 3 days: $59.30
  • Priority Worldwide pak USA: $131.38
  • Priority Worldwide Envelope USA: $87.42
  • Expedited Parcel USA – approx. 4 days: $36.84

Q8 : I bought the plugin, but how do I update it without losing all my settings?

Ans : Delete old plugin and install the new version, the settings will be retained.

Q9: Providing Weight for each product variation is not an option, Can this plugin still print the label?

Ans : Yes. You can use the print label in manual mode. In manual mode, while printing label, you can mention package dimensions manually for each order.

Q10 : Can I offer only few shipping options to users?

Ans :Yes, you can enable the services of your choice.

Q11 : We do not use shipping labels only want to use this plug-in to calculate shipping rates.

Ans : Yes. Absolutely possible.

Q12 : Where to add weight or volume of my products?

Ans : Weight and dimensions of each product will be configured in WooCommerce product page, check out WooCommerce documentation for help.

Q13: Is there’s a way to add a dollar or two on for handling charges.

Ans : Yes. you can add handling charges on each service.

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    Christopher says:

    We purchased the Canada Post with shipping label plugin March 11, 2016. We need to update it as it’s not working properly. Where do I find a download for the update?

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