FedEx Hold At Location at WooCommerce Checkout


FedEx Hold At Location helps to hold the packages at the FedEx locations if the customers are not available at home for receiving them. This alternative delivery option relieves eCommerce merchants and their customers as the packages will be held at an indoor, secure location without damage or package theft.


For more information on FedEx Hold At Location, check out FedEx Hold at Location for Shopify and WooCommerce

If you are a WooCommerce store owner and want to provide FedEx Hold at Location to your customers, it’s a seamless process with WooCommerce FedEx Shipping With Print Label Plugin

To enable FedEx Hold At Location in the plugin, you have to:

First Install the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping With Print Label Plugin and Activate the plugin. To know more on how to download, install and activate the plugin, click on Download, Install and Activate Plugin.

Now navigate to WooCommerce Settings > Shipping > FedEx

woocommerce settings

Under Rates and Services Settings, enable FedEx Hold At Location option as shown below:

enable FedEx Hold At Location

  • Once the FedEx Hold at Location  is enabled, you can find the following options:

FedEx Service: You can choose the FedEx Service(s) with which you want to ship your packages to FedEx Locations 

fedex service

Now place an order and select your preferred FedEx Hold At Location from the drop-down list on the checkout page as shown in the image below:

fedex hold at location drop down

Another option to be configured is the Attribute type.

Under the Attribute Type option, select All, to get FedEx Hold At Locations where all Location Attributes are supported.


FedEx Hold At Location supports the Attribute Type, to specify other capabilities at the Hold At Location such as:

  • Return services
  • Ground dropoffs
  • Cash
  • Pack and ship
  • Packaging supplies
  • Signs and banners service
  • Sony PictureStation
  • Direct mail services
  • Copy and print services
  • Dangerous goods services
  • The location is in the airport
  • Notary services
  • Observes daylight saving times
  • Passport photo services
  • Dropbox
  • Domestic shipping services
  • International shipping services

You can also select the Custom option, to select locations where specified capabilities are supported. Choose the attributes required, under the Local Attributes section as shown below:

attribute type

Once selected, save the changes. Locations based on the given requirements are selected and displayed at the checkout:

For eg: The following Location Attributes are enabled for FedEx Hold At Location

enable fedex hold at location

The locations supporting the attributes specified are shown in the checkout dropdown:

fedex locations

After the order is placed successfully, go to the orders page and select the order


Then click on Generate Packages

generate packages

Now click on Create Shipment

create shipment

Then, Click on Print Label to print your shipping labels

print label

Here check out the FedEx Hold At Location shipping label

fedex shipping label