Do I need to set Weight and Dimensions at Product level for the UPS Plugin to work?

Customer :

I’ve purchased the UPS shipping plugin and installed onto WordPress, entered all the required details for setting up. But the plugin is not showing UPS as a shipping option.

Support :

The products you are trying to ship might be missing weight and dimensions. It is mandatory to have weight and dimensions for products for this plugin to display rates correctly.

If you still face any issue like rates are coming high, then check which parcel packing you are using.

If it is “pack items individually” rates will be fetched for each item in the package individually.
If it is “Pack into boxes with weights and dimensions”, then you can pack items into a single box by creating boxes.
If you prefer to read the documentation, kindly go through the following options:

If you’re still facing trouble, do not hesitate to contact us.

Last Updated On September 21, 2018