FedEx Hold at Location at Shopify Checkout

fedex hal

FedEx Hold at Location is an alternative delivery option that allows shipments to be kept at a local FedEx location instead of being delivered to residential addresses. This is an ideal option for customers who are not present at home to receive their packages & do not want to risk losing them by leaving them unattended at the door.

If you are shipping your packages through FedEx and want to provide FedEx Hold at location for your customers, then it is possible in your Shopify store using the Ship, Rate and Track app.

To enable FedEx Hold At Location, follow these steps:

  • First, install the FedEx Ship, Rate and Track app if you have not installed it yet in your Shopify store. 

install app

  • To add the FedEx drop locations, customize your cart page by heading over to Sales Channels then Online Store and finally Customize. Refer to the image below:


  • Once you click Customize the page will open as shown below. To edit the cart page click on the cart icon as shown:

cart icon

  • Add the FedEx drop locations under Add block. Select PluginHive Drop Locations 


Drag your PluginHive Drop Locations above the checkout block for a better customer experience

add block

  • The Drop Location box has been added to your cart page. Now save it and check how your cart page will look and work for your customers

fedex drop location

  • Now at the cart page, your customers can select their preferred drop location by entering their Country and Postal Code as shown below:

preferred fedex drop location

  • The selected FedEx drop location will get added in the box as shown:

selected FedEx drop location

  • Once the order is successfully placed, visit your store orders page and select your order/s for generating labels. For printing labels, you have two options, either you can:

    1. Multiple Hold at Location shipping labels for Shopify orders in a click

    In order to print the FedEx shipping labels for more than one order, visit the Orders section and select all the orders. Click on Auto-Generate Labels to generate FedEx shipping labels for all the selected orders, as shown below:

automatic label printing

print labels

2. Review and Print FedEx HAL shipping labels 

If you sell multiple products and want to cross-check or change the drop location or want to set up a few more options before printing the shipping labels.

  • Go to the Shopify Order details page
  • Select the order for which you want to generate a FedEx shipping label.
  • Under More actions, click on Generate Label to manually generate FedEx shipping labels for the selected order.


To print error-free labels, it is recommended not to edit the Additional Details section.

manual label printing

  • Once you are on the manual label generation page & want to check or change the hold at the location address, select the preferred address under Choose Hold at Location Point as shown below:

Choose Hold at Location Point

  • If you want to ship with a different FedEx Service, choose the required from the list under Select Rates as shown below:

fedex rates

  • Now print your shipping labels by clicking on Print Documents

print documents

Here have a look at your FedEx HAL label: 

Fedex HAL shipping label

If you have any issues or concerns about installing the app, please contact our support.