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How to Save Shipping Cost using FedEx One Rate

Cutting cost is an important aspect of any business. It is a quick way to boost your bank balance and improve the systems in your business that directly affect your profitability. By constantly focusing on the methods to cut shipping costs will encourage you to review your policies and practices more often than you otherwise might consider doing. Moreover, the prominent benefit of saving shipping costs is the ability to invest the saved up capital on something more important for your WooCommerce business.

If you’re a WooCommerce business owner who offers FedEx as one of the shipping methods, then there is good news for you. The WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin is one such plugin that offers WooCommerce users to help them save shipping costs and experience a positive shipping process. It does that by optimizing the calculation of the shipping rates according to the package’s physical attributes. Moreover, this plugin also helps business owners to directly print shipping labels according to the shipment. 

Let us go through this article and understand all the basic prospects of this plugin and how it can help you to save the shipping costs on your orders. This article has been designed to give you some important tips to save costs on the whole shipping process as well. So, without any further delay let’s dive right into it.

What is FedEx One Rate?

It is a part of FedEx shipping that deals with the calculation of the shipping prices of the relatively smaller packages and operates in the US. This feature helps customers to predict the pricing and choose the shipping method according to their needs. The process of opting the right shipping pricing value is very easy to execute, and the service via FedEx is highly reliable.

Underlying the list of the main features, one of the unique options is that there is no weighing or measuring of shipments under 50lbs. This means that you don’t have to worry about the weight qualification of the orders. Thus, there are no extra fees like the fuel, residential and delivery area surcharges. Moreover, it does not alter the base rate for the shipment which is very convenient for both business owners and customers.

What are the benefits of opting FedEx One Rate?

There is an ample number of benefits of using FedEx one rate. And recently, some new features have been added to this option to enhance its functionalities. Some of the noteworthy benefits are listed below,

  • Huge selection of packaging options – FedEx has introduced 12 different boxes which include the recent five new boxes along with a new Extra Large size category. Buyers can choose from these cube-shaped boxes for their items. There are various types of boxes that come in shapes like small, medium, large and extra large sizes. Thus, the current line of the packaging offers more variety of options to both customers and sellers.
  •  No weight qualification – As mentioned earlier, for the FedEx Boxes, there are no surcharges over the base shipment price. Now, getting into the specifications, there are no extra charges for the FedEx Envelopes that are lesser or equal to 10 lbs. Moreover, the same 50 lbs rule is applicable for the FedEx Paks as it is for FedEx Boxes.
  • Timely delivery and simplified pricing – FedEx One Rate comes with various shipment delivery options including one-day, two-day and three-day US domestic FedEx Express deliveries. These delivery options are time constrained. Meaning, FedEx pay extra attention to these types of shipments and tend to deliver them as soon as possible.
  • Value-added services – FedEx One Rate comes with some amazing extra services that are helpful to its users. The pricing of One Rate includes services including best in class tracking capabilities, money-back guarantee, top-notch customer service, and no extra charge for the declared value of up to $100.
  • Ease of use – FedEx One Rate is very convenient for users and is easy to access online. It is available online through FedEx Ship Manager Lite, FedEx Ship Manager, and FedEx mobile offerings. Customers can also drop off their FedEx One Rate shipments at more than 45,000 FedEx drop box locations. You can ship your products faster because they don’t have to measure or weigh the boxes all the time. The FedEx Ship Manager Lite is quite convenient for the customers as it allows them to access their shipments online. They can also access and manage their shipments through the mobile app.

The role of the WooCommerce FedEx plugin

The WooCommerce FedEx shipping plugin proves to be really great when it comes to usability. The integration of this plugin is seamless with your WooCommerce website. It offers almost all the necessary features that are required to successfully allow customers to choose the right FedEx delivery method. This plugin is beneficial for both the WooCommerce store owners and their customers as well.

Store owners can easily select the required shipment option from the huge list. This list contains the various FedEx local, national and international shipping methods like the First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, International Economy, International First, FedEx 1 day freight, FedEx 2 day freight, etc. This plugin directly calculates the entire shipping cost right in the shopping cart. Thus, based on the location of the receiver’s address, product weight, the physical dimension of the box, etc., this plugin will calculate the shipping rate from your FedEx account.

How to activate the FedEx One Rate in your WooCommerce store?

As soon as you install this plugin, you can configure the FedEx settings. To do that, you would have to select the WooCommerce option in the Dashboard and then click on the settings.

woocommerce shipping


Then, hover your mouse pointer over the Shipping tab on the top of the page which will take you to Shipping setting area.

shipping fedex


Here, you can select the FedEx option. Doing this will take you to another area that contains the FedEx settings.

fedex one

Then, by scrolling down the page you will come across the FedEx One option. This option can be activated by ticking the checkbox. Just next to the Enable button, you can see a link that says FedEx One Rates. If you click on this link, you will be redirected to the official FedEx website.

fedex one rate


Here, you will see all the information regarding the shipment rates. Further, you can click on the Ship now button to enter the FedEx Ship Manager Lite. 

fedex ship


You will have to enter yours and the recipient’s address in the form given. After filling out the form, you can specify the required box for your shipment.

fedex ship manager

After doing the above steps, you will have to complete the 1, 2 and 3 steps given in the above picture.

Thus, after completing the above procedure you will be able to generate a confirmation. This confirmation can be shared with your customers.


Some other noteworthy tips to help you save cost in your WooCommerce business

Running an online business is a tough job. It is even a tougher task to save money while you sell your products. The necessity of introducing some cost-saving techniques can be quite helpful in such cases. Following are the areas where you can improve and implement some innovative ideas to cut down on the overall cost.

Manage your finances

Financing your business is a tricky job. You have to be really careful when you decide and go for a particular method to fund your business. You may have your own savings or ask the banks for the loans. Whatever may be the case, you need to apply some tactics to ensure better financing. Let us see one of the most common problems that many business owners face.

In this day and age, many business owners fail to check that the banks are very competitive. This is because of the fact that when you approach a number of different banks and ask them for the best rates, they try to offer cheaper interest rates but do not disclose other surplus charges. Without looking out for these extra charges, business owners often end up spending more than planned.

Choose better suppliers

The story of cutting costs also applies while you create a deal with your suppliers. You can sit down with them in order to negotiate better payments terms or a cheaper rate. You should do that on a regular basis and keep on analyzing their profits. Another way to cut down the supplier cost is by competitively quoting your suppliers for everything your business needs. Remember, it costs at least six times more to find a new client than it does to do business with an existing one. Your suppliers know this and simply asking them for cheaper rates can save you a lot of money.

Look out for invisible expenses

There are times when you don’t know where your money is going. This usually happens when you have a lot to manage and govern. The best way to figure out your expenses is by segregating the major and minor costs. Meaning, if you divide the areas where the major expenses are flowing, you will just need to look out for the smaller expenses. For example, you can consider shipping, packaging, paying for supplies, etc., as the major expenses. You can separate minor expenses like office supplies, internet, and phone bills, food for your team, etc. These type of invisible expenses are quite common in any business.

But, some of the online business owners spend money on accidental items. These items are not planned and have the tendency to appear out of nowhere. It is very important to stay alert and prepare yourself for such times. In order to do that, you would have to plan your business finances beforehand and store the extra money separately.

Plan the shipment dimension

Almost all shipping services, like FedEx and UPS, compare the dimensional weight and the actual weight of the orders in order to calculate the actual costs. Thus, it is better to understand the difference beforehand to avoid further expenses. This method is even more effective when you’re dealing with quite a lot of order/bulk orders. The dimensional weight of any physical order is calculated by multiplying the package’s (Length x Width x Height). Then it is divided by a specified DIM Divisor. Check out this link to know more about the FedEx DIM weights.

The reason for Dimensional Weight pricing is that the volume of a shipping truck is finite, so larger boxes take up more space. This is the reason why it is equally important to understand the size and weight of the package. By doing this, business owners can save a lot of money by utilizing the smallest possible packaging space for each order.

Spend less on packing materials

Regardless of the shipping method you pick, it’s important to make sure your products are packed carefully and safely. But, it is equally important to decrease the unnecessary packaging materials costs. This is because of the fact that the major shipping services like FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, etc., already use the industry standard packaging to ensure the safety of the products. Then, it is not necessary to include your own packaging. However, you can do a small beautified packaging over the products to make it look more attractive.

Moreover, these shipping services have a brand reputation which helps you to maintain a good perception among your buyers. Their packaging also helps them to easily handle and pack the orders in the shipment trucks and vans. It helps them to label the packages and boxes without spending a lot of time and resources.

Things to take away…

As an online business owner, customers expect a lot from you. They like a fast and convenient user experience in the overall shipping process. They also want a transparent pricing for the shipment. Thus, you will have to fulfill their requirements in order to achieve better customer satisfaction. But, you will also have to cut down the cost of the shipping process as well, which does take a lot of effort.

The FedEx shipping plugin is a great extension for your WooCommerce business if you’re dealing with FedEx shipments. It has the necessary features and functionalities to ensure more efficient shipment process. But, depending only on the plugin and its features will not suffice to ensure complete financial optimization. Thus, you would have to implement some innovative solutions to your shipping process as well.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Please let us know in the comment section below.

Last Updated On September 15, 2018