How to Use the Plugin Only to Print FedEx Shipping Labels

The WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin is an amazing plugin that allows WooCommerce store owners to offer various FedEx shipment services and their respective rates to customers. By using this plugin you can even print the shipping labels for the orders you receive. This feature saves a lot of time. However, if you just want to use this plugin to print the shipping labels alone and don’t want to offer the FedEx rates, that’s also possible.

To understand this use case in a better way let us check out a question raised by one of our customers.

Rich: How do I enable flat rate shipping using FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label for WooCommerce? I mainly bought the plugin to get my FedEx rates and print a label.

As you can see here, Rich wants to offer only the Flat rate as the shipping method to his customers. As you already know that this shipping method comes default with WooCommerce and you can set a constant rate for all your orders. You can refer to the following image.

WooCommerce flat rate

Moreover, you can also use our plugin to print the shipping label. In order to do that, you just need to set up the Flat rates in the WooCommerce shipping zones and add shipping method for each zone that you want to create with the Flat rate.

After doing this, you have to go to the FedEx settings under the WooCommerce shipping settings. Here, you need to disable the Realtime Rates option. Check out the image below for disabling the Real-time Rates.

realtime rates

Doing this will hide all the FedEx rates that come up in the Cart and you can print the shipping labels as usual.

We hope that this was useful to you. Let us know in the comment section below.

Last Updated On September 14, 2018