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In this article, we will be discussing the different file formats, in which the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin generates the shipping labels. We will see how WooCommerce store owners can print their shipping labels with different printers. But before that, let’s take a look at the WooCommerce UPS plugin.

Printing shipping labels for your shipments is quite a time-consuming task. Especially, for a medium-scale business owner, where you can have up to 50 orders per week. Printing a shipping label generally, requires you to log into the shipping carrier’s website. There are a number of steps to follow and so many details that you need to enter. Imagine entering the shipping addresses of 50 customers to get 50 shipping labels online.

Now imagine an online shipping solution that lets you print shipping labels in a couple of seconds, where all you need to do is click some buttons. How great would that be? WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin lets you generate and download official UPS shipping labels directly from your website. You can read more about automatically printing shipping labels using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin here.

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WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin

woocommerce ups

The WooCommerce UPS plugin is the best WooCommerce Shipping plugin that you can find. With tons of features, the plugin offers a seamless shipping experience to WooCommerce store owners. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin is the only plugin that automates the whole shipping process from displaying the real-time shipping rates on the cart page to sending the tracking information to the customers. Here are some of the amazing features of the plugin,

  • Real-time Shipping Rates
  • Manual or Automatic Shipping label printing
  • Real-Time UPS Tracking
  • Email Notification to Store Owner and Customers
  • Insurance option for shipments
  • Shipping Rates Adjustment
  • UPS Freight Shipment

And much more. You can check out the whole list of features by following the link here. Now, since you are familiar with the product, let us take a look at the different types of shipping label file formats the plugin allows you to download and print.

Different UPS Label Format

WooCommerce UPS plugin supports the following shipping label file formats. These formats will help you to print high-quality shipping labels. You can read the following section to understand more about these formats. It will help you choose the best option for your printer.

  • GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. This format is widely used for animations around the world. In fact, the GIF is the second most widely used graphics format. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin allows you to select the file format of your shipping label to GIF. The following image shows how to change the shipping label file format in the plugin settings.

Graphics Interchange Format

Once the format is changed to GIF, all you need to do is save the settings and generate shipping labels for your orders. The shipping labels generated will be in GIF format. The image below shows you

GIF format label

And finally, once you download the label, it will look something similar to the one shown in the image below.

ups label

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. This file format was originally designed to improve upon and replace the gif format. PNG files are able to handle up to 16 million colors, unlike the 256 colors supported by GIF. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin also supports the PNG file format to generate shipping labels. If you want to print your shipping labels in this file format, just make sure to select this file format in the plugin settings.

The image below shows the shipping label downloaded as a PNG file.

shipping label downloaded as a PNG file

The file opened will show the shipping label as shown in the image below.

ups label

  • ZPL (Zebra Programming Language)

So far, the image formats that we discussed are well-suited for general printers. File formats like PNG and GIF are used in normal printers as they produce accurate colors on normal paper. However, when it comes to thermal printers, you require a different image file format to print shipping labels. ZPL stands for Zebra Programming Language (ZPL and ZPL II). It is a page description language from Zebra Technologies. It is used primarily for labeling applications. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin allows store owners to print shipping labels in ZPL file format too. This allows store owners to print high-quality images using a thermal printer.

You can click here to know more about which Thermal Printers to use with the UPS shipping solutions.

But if you require to change this file into a PNG file and then print the shipping label. You can easily convert the ZPL file to PNG using Labelary. Here, you can convert the ZPL file to PNG and it would be similar to the image shown below.

ZPL file to PNG

  • EPL (Eltron Print Language)

EPL is another file format that is used with Thermal Printers. It stands for Eltron Print Language. WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin supports two file formats to work with – ZPL and EPL. Both these file formats are fully compatible with all the thermal printers that are mentioned in the above section.

UPS Shipping Label File Size

It is worth noticing that the shipping label that you will be getting from the UPS Shipping plugin will be in 4×6 dimensions. For your reference, here is an example of how the 4×6 dimension looks.

shipping label size

So this was all about the shipping label file formats that are supported by the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin.


This article covers the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and the different types of UPS label format that it supports. With the help of this plugin, you can generate the shipping label directly from your website. It helps WooCommerce store owners print the shipping labels using thermal printers as well as with any standard printer. This way store owners can generate and download the shipping label within no time.

About the plugin

WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin

  • Get real-time accurate UPS Shipping rates
  • Add extra handling charges to the shipping cost
  • Provide discounts on shipping cost
  • Generate shipping labels
  • Track your UPS Shipments
  • Premium Version Cost – $99

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