How To Use 2 Way Google Calendar Sync with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin?


If you are an online store owner and handle more than 100 bookings every week, then you are in for great news. WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin now supports 2 Way Google Calendar Sync and helps you streamline your bookings.

This article will cover how you can use the 2 way Google Calendar Sync functionality of the plugin and help you stay on top of all your reservations by avoiding double bookings.

On this page

a. Integrate Google Calendar with your WooCommerce Store

b. Set Up Google Calendar 2-Way Sync

In order to use the functionality of 2 way Google Calendar Sync, you need to first enable Google Calendar Sync and authorize it for your website. Feel free to check out How to set up Google Calendar Sync with WooCommerce Bookings plugin, for more details.

Once you set up the Google Calendar for your website, just follow the steps below to set up 2 way Google Calendar Sync.

  • Under Google Calendar Tab, click on Start Two Way Sync. Clicking this button would allow you to start syncing the events created on your Google Calendar to your website and create a booking for all those events.

c. Sync Bookings from Google calendar

In order to sync the event as a Booking on your website, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Provide Bookable Product ID (recommended) or Bookable Product Name (if all your products have a unique name), as the Calendar Event Title
  • Set booking date & time based on your product availability
  • Provide the guests (if any) in the event description as <guest name as mentioned in the product>:<number of guests>
  • Provide the asset (if any) in the event description as Asset:<Asset Name>
  • For example, if you have Guests and Staff for your bookable product, say, Adults, Children, and Staff you can provide them in the Google Calendar Event Description as:

Adults: 4

Children: 3

Asset: Staff


  • You can also make sure all your bookings are synced automatically by providing an interval (in seconds). By default, the plugin will sync all the events to your website every 60 seconds. If you want to change it, just update the value in seconds and click on Save Interval.

Note: We recommend keeping it around 30 to 60 seconds for accurate syncing.

  • Or, if there is an emergency, you can make sure the booking availability on your website is up-to-date. In case of an emergency booking, where you can not wait for the plugin to sync the events, you can manually sync your calendar events to your website by clicking on Manual Sync.
  • Once the plugin syncs an event from your Google Calendar, it will be available on your website as a New Booking, which you can find under the Bookings tab on your website, as well as on the Orders page as a new order.

d. Cancel Bookings using Google Calendar

In order to cancel a booking using your Google Calendar, follow the steps below:

  • Double-click the order no on your Google Calendar and enter “Modify Booking Status:Cancel” in google summary, as shown below
  • Save the event
  • The plugin will sync the updated event status and cancel the booking on your WooCommerce store, as shown below

e. Cancel/Stop Google Calendar Sync

In case, you do not want to use the functionality of 2-way sync and just require one-way calendar syncing, you can deactivate it by clicking on the Stop Two Way Sync.


Final Thoughts

Finally, there is a WooCommerce plugin that is rich in features, helps you set up the booking cost and availability based on your requirement, and most importantly, helps you avoid double-bookings by syncing your Google Calendar Events to your website. If you want to know more about the plugin and its other amazing features it has, feel free to check out the WooCommerce Bookings plugin.

Also, you can contact our support team if you are looking for a solution to your complex booking scenario. We will definitely help you in finding the solution.