Postnord Service Point for Shopify

Postnord Service Point is a network of pick-up and drop-off locations operated. It provides a convenient and flexible option for individuals and businesses to send and receive packages when they are ready for pick-up. Here we will discuss how you can display Postnord Service Point on the Shopify Cart page using the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label app.

Adding Postnord Service Point on your Shopify Store

1. Integrate your Postnord account, scroll down, and enable the Service Point in the Carrier’s Other Details section as shown below:

postnord service point

2. Now head over to Sales Channels then Online Store to customize your cart page:

online store to customize

3. Click on the Customize button to edit your Shopify cart page:

customize button

4. Now the page will open as shown below. Next, click on the Catalog:


5. Click on Add to cart to add the product for customising:

shopify add to cart

5. To edit the cart page click on the cart icon as shown:

adding cart icon

6. Add the Pick-up locations under Add block. Select Pick-up Locations 


1. Drag Pick-up Locations above the checkout block for a better customer experience

2. To add Pick up location, the cart type in the theme settings should be Page or Pop up Notification

add pick up locations

7. Now we get a list of carriers that support pickup location by the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App at the top right corner. Select Postnord and Save:

postnord choose pickup location

8. Once the Postnord Service Point box is added to your cart page, this is how your cart page will look:

pickup location box added

9. Now your customers can select their preferred Postnord Pickup-Locations by entering their Country and Postal Code as shown below:

add pickup location

10. The selected Postnord Service point will get added in the box as shown:

postnord service point added

11. Now, once your customer places an order, visit the app’s Orders page. Click on the Order Number. You can see the selected Postnord service point on the Order Details Page under Local Pickup Location Details, as shown:

local pickup location details

12. Next print your Postnord shipping label. Select the order/s and click on Generate Label:

generate postnord labels

13. Print your shipping labels by clicking on Print Documents:

print postnord labels

Here have a look at your Postnord Shipping Label with the Service Point:

postnord shipping label

Please contact our support if you have any issues or concerns!