Shopify Australia Post Shipment Tracking and Scheduling Pickups

In this article, we will introduce you to features like Australia Post Shipment Tracking and Pickup available in the Shopify Australia Post App. You will see how these features can be used together to ensure better Australia Post shipping.

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Although Shopify handles the shipping process in your store, it does not do it for all the carriers. To handle the Australia Post shipping process, you will need to use a shipping service like the Shopify Australia Post App. This App lets you ship your orders to your customers via Australia Post services. And it also offers live Australia Post shipping rates, shipment tracking and also lets merchants print Australia Post shipping labels in bulk.

How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction?

Whatever business you are into, it’s essential to ensure that your customers are satisfied with your business. In an e-commerce store, one of the main factors that directly affect customer satisfaction is the delivery process. If you make sure that you are sending proper tracking details to your customers and delivering the order on time, it will directly help in building the brand. 

The point to be noted here is that “Shipment Tracking” plays a major role in building your brand and it can directly affect your business. Now, let’s see how the Australia Post Rates and Labels App helps you in this process.

Handling Pickup Using the Shopify Australia Post App

Before tracking, the “Pickup” process occurs, which is a common process in any of the shipping carriers. But, what makes Australia Post different is that you do not have to schedule a pickup for your packages. Once you have generated the labels for your orders, the pickup is automatically scheduled for your packages. You just have to generate labels and manifest for the orders and the Australia Post agent picks up your package and handles the process. Make sure that you hand over the Manifest to the agent.

Only if you are using the StarTrack account, there is an option for pickup, which is called as the “Adhoc” pickup for StarTrack products.

Now, let’s see how to automatically schedule a pickup for your orders using the Shopify Australia Post App.

  • Under the Australia Post Rates and Labels App settings, go to the “Pickup” tab. Make sure that the “Pickup start time” and “Company close time” is set as per the working hours so that the Australia Post agent doesn’t face any problems while pickup. Also, make sure that the Pickup address is correct.

Australia Post Rates and Labels app pickup settings

  • Under the Orders section, select all orders and generate labels for the orders. 

Generate labels for orders in bulk

Note: Visit Automatic Shipping Label Generation Made Easy with Shopify Australia Post App to know more about the label generation process.

  • Once the label is generated, you have to generate the Manifest for the orders. Select all orders for which the labels are generated and click on “Generate Manifest”.

Australia Post Rates and Labels app generate manifest

  • You can download the Manifest from the Manifest section in the App settings. A sample Manifest is given below.

Australia Post Manifest Generation

Australia Post Manifest

  • Once the Manifest is generated, your order is confirmed and the pickup is automatically scheduled. Do not forget to hand over the Manifest when the Australia Post agent comes for pickup.

Tracking the Orders using Shopify Australia Post App

The store owner can easily track the package from within the App. Under the “Shipping” settings in the Australia Post Rates and Labels App, you can find the option “Track order” for each of the orders.

Australia Post Rates and Labels app track order

When a customer places an order in your Shopify store, you would see the order in the Orders section of your Shopify store. Now, follow the step below to send the tracking id to the customer.

  • Once the order has been placed by the customer, you have to create a shipping label, generate a manifest, and confirm the order. Once the label is generated, the customer will receive an email from Shopify, which will contain the tracking number for the order. A sample email is shown below.

Email sent to the customer when the label is generated

  • In this email, the customer will have the option to “View your order”. When the customer clicks this, it will navigate to the orders page where the order has been placed. This page will contain the tracking number for the order.

Order confirmation with tracking number

  • Now, when the customer clicks on this tracking number, it will redirect to the Australia Post Tracking page where the tracking details will be available


The Shopify Australia Post App helps in processes like generating the shipping label, tracking the order, and other features like displaying real-time shipping rates on the checkout page. So, if you’re a Shopify store owner who wants to ship using Australia Post, this App would be the best choice for you. 

We hope this article has helped you to understand the workings of the Australia Post shipping App for tracking the order and handling the pickup. If you have any queries, feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support.

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