Create a Motorbike Rental Website with Multiple Engine Capacities

In this article, we will cover one of the popular online booking scenarios – Online Motorbike Rental. We will check out how you can set up an Online Motor Bike Rental scenario with the help of WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin.

Online Motor Bike Rental

Steven’s is planning to provide online motorbike rentals with the following requirement. According to Steven,

Hello. I am planning to provide an online guided motorbike rental. I have 5 motorbikes, 

  • 4 X 1200cc
  • 1 X 800cc

I want to provide the rental only on weekends. And it’s for only 1 – 5 people. 

We wanted the ability to select a “preferred” engine size during checkout. So while booking there would be an option to choose between 1200cc or 800cc engine. However, if a single person has already booked the 800cc, that shouldn’t be available to choose for others.

Plugin Features Used

It is clear from the scenario that Steven can easily set this up using WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin. He can make use of the following features to set up his scenario:

Booking Slots & Availability

Based on Steven’s scenario, he can set up a product for Online MotorBike Rental. One Day slot every weekend, where customers can select a max of 4 bookings for 1200 cc and 1 booking for 800 cc at a time.

Booking Participants

Steven provides rentals for up to 5 bikes per booking. He can set up Booking Participants where his customers can easily enter the number of people they want to book Bikes for. He can also make sure to charge for each bike booking by enabling Consider Each Participant as Separate Booking.

Assets for Engine Types

When it comes to Online MotorBike Rental, Steven has two types of Engines – 1200 cc and 800 cc. Based on the customer choice they can select a particular Bike depending upon the Engine Capacity and set dedicated Booking assets for each one of them and make sure their bookings are separate from each other.


Follow the steps below to set up Online Motor Bike Rental.

  • Create a Bookable Product
  • Set up Booking Period under Booking tab.
    • Choose Enable Calendar Range with Blocks of 1 Day(s).
    • Set Maximum Bookings per block as 5 (5 Motor Bikes).
    • Enable the Remaining Bookings Setting to view the Remaining Available Blocks.

Create a Bookable Product

  • Visit Bookings Availability and enable Make All Dates/Blocks Unavailable
    • Set the Availability Rule for Weekends as shown in the image below.

Availability Rules

  • Visit Booking Assets and click on Enable.
    • Click on Create a New Asset
    • Create 2 Assets and name them 1200 cc and 800 cc with Quantity set to 4 and 1 respectively
    • Click on Save ChangesSave changes
  • Visit the product and click on Update/Publish to see the assets under Bookings Asset
    • Click on Add Assets and add both 1200 cc and 800 cc to the product as shown in the image below

Product data

  • Visit Booking Participants and click on Enable. Here you can set up a field where customers will enter the number of Participant(s) they have.
    • Create a Participant and name it Number of People
    • Set Minimum value as 1 and Per Participant Cost as 100
    • Enable Consider each Participant as separate booking

Booking Participants and click on Enable

Once the setup is complete, your Motor Bike Tour Booking product will look similar to the image shown below.
Motor bike tour booking
  • Choose the Type of Bike from the drop-down asset list.
Motor bike tour booking
  • Once the Bike Type is selected, Choose a Block Period and Enter the No. of People
  • If you enter the No. of People more than the Maximum Quantity of Asset (800 cc), an Error Message is displayed since the maximum quantity of 800 cc Bike Type is 1
Motor bike tour booking
  • Enter No. Of People as 1 and Make a Booking.
  • You will Notice that the Particular Day is being Blocked and no more bookings will be accepted for 800cc Bike on that day.
Motor bike tour booking

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