WooCommerce Bookings Cancellation

This article will cover how you can set up booking cancellations on your WooCommerce with the help of the WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin.

How to allow Booking Cancellation

In order to allow cancellations on a bookable product, visit the desired product, click on edit, and follow the steps below.

Products settings – > Bookings > Allow Cancellation

How to allow Booking Cancellation

  • On enabling the option, you will be asked to select the time gap that is required between the cancellation and the Booking Start Time/Day.
  • Set the number of days/minutes/hours before which the booking can be canceled

WooCommerce Bookings Cancellation by Customers

When cancellations are allowed on a booking, the customer will be able to cancel a booking order from the “My Accounts > My Orders” section, as shown below.


When the customer clicks on the cancel button, the booking is canceled and the booking order details are displayed with a cancellation status.

cancellation status

The customer also receives a cancellation email as shown below

Customer receives a cancellation email
Booking cancellation email

Cancellations are possible after the booking order has been paid and also prior to payment(in case of bookings awaiting approvals). After cancellation, the paid booking amount is not refunded automatically. The admin has to provide the refund separately like any other WooCommerce order.

When the customers cancel a booking, the corresponding slot is opened up in the calendar for other users to book.

Please refer the WooCommerce Bookings Setup Guide for more information.