Why FedEx option is not under WooCommerce shipping zones

In this guide, we will cover WooCommerce shipping zones and where you can access the FedEx shipping option while using WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx.

WooCommerce Shipping Zones

WooCommerce shipping zones play a crucial role in determining how shipping costs and methods are calculated for different geographical regions. By creating and configuring shipping zones, you can define specific shipping rules and options based on customers’ locations.

In essence, a shipping zone represents a geographic area to which you can apply unique shipping settings. You can set up WooCommerce shipping zones based on countries, states, regions, or even postal codes, allowing you to customize shipping rates and methods for different areas.

WooCommerce shipping zones

Within each shipping zone, you can define shipping methods such as flat rate, free shipping, local pickup, or even integrate with third-party shipping carriers like UPS, USPS, or DHL. These methods determine how shipping costs are calculated and presented to customers during the checkout process.

How to use the FedEx shipping options on your WooCommerce store

WooCommerce does not support FedEx shipping services as a built-in feature.

The WooCommerce shipping plugin for FedEx is the officially certified WooCommerce shipping plugin by FedEx and is the best shipping plugin to use FedEx services for WooCommerce.

Why the FedEx option is not displayed under the WooCommerce Shipping Zones

WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx is a shipping plugin that works independently of the WooCommerce shipping zones. The plugin displays real-time FedEx shipping rates, helps you print shipping labels and track shipments using FedEx. So you won’t be able to find FedEx services under the WooCommerce Shipping Zones, for the very same reason.

How to access FedEx shipping methods

Don’t worry. In order to access the FedEx shipping methods, you can visit Plugins -> WooCommerce Shipping Plugin for FedEx -> Settings -> Rates & Services

woocommerce fedex shipping plugin settings

Or, you can click on the FedEx option on the WooCommerce Shipping Zones screen as shown in the image below.

FedEx shipping option under the WooCommerce zones

To use FedEx services you only need to make sure you have enabled the Realtime Rates option on the FedEx Rates and Services tab. Once you chose the preferred FedEx shipping services and enable them, the plugin will automatically display the real-time shipping rates on the WooCommerce cart page based on the customer’s address, and the weight and dimensions of your products.

fedex shipping rates on the woocommerce cart page

If you want to offer the WooComerce Flat rate or Free shipping options along with the FedEx services, then you can do that as well. Just make sure you have enabled the FedEx services along with the default WooCommerce shipping methods.


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