Why FedEx is not in Shipping Zones Option

Both WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx with Print Label and Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx are amazing solutions to ship products to your customers via FedEx services. You can easily target both domestic and international customers based on their locations. To do that, you need to understand one fundamental concept—Shipping Zones.

In this guide, we cover shipping zones in both WooCommerce and Shopify and how you can make use of it to simplify your shipping process. We will also cover a real-life business case to help you understand this concept better.

What are Shipping Zones?

E-commerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify have something called Shipping Zones. It essentially allows users to define areas where they would like to provide shipping. They can select which zone (area) gets the ‘expedited shipping’ and which one gets the “flat-rate shipping”.

Assume you want to provide FedEx Standard Overnight service to Georgia and FedEx Ground to Ohio. With such a shipping scenario in action, your customers in Georgia would be able to see only FedEx Standard Overnight on the Cart page. Whereas, anyone from Ohio would be able to see FedEx Ground instead of FedEx Standard Overnight.

Why FedEx option is not available under WooCommerce Shipping Zones

The WooCommerce shipping plugin for FedEx with Print Label is an independent shipping plugin that works along with FedEx and its APIs. So you won’t be able to find FedEx services under the WooCommerce Shipping Zones, for the very same reason.

Let us take a real-life case from one of our customers.

Kathy: I have a problem with FedEx shipping zone. I get the following error on my Cart/Checkout page: “There are no shipping methods available. Please ensure that your address has been entered correctly, or contact us if you need any help”. How can I add FedEx in shipping zone in WooCommerce?

New WooCommerce users like Kathy here, directly go to the WooCommerce Shipping section after the plugin installation. And it is understandable.

To find the FedEx shipping option, you need to go to WooCommerce→Settings→Shipping, and then click on the FedEx option as shown in the image below.

fedex shipping zones

Again, you don’t need to make any changes in the shipping zones section to use FedEx services. You only need to make sure you have enabled the Realtime Rates option on the FedEx settings page. Refer to the image below.

fedex shipping zones

However, if you want to offer the Flat rate, Free shipping, and Local Pickup option along with the FedEx shipments, then you can do that as well. Just enable both shipping methods and you are good to go.

How to add FedEx options under Shopify Shipping Zones?

With Shopify, it’s much easier to configure and use FedEx shipping options. You can download the Shopify App for FedEx which lets you integrate FedEx shipping services with the Shopify Shipping Zones. Once you’ve installed and configured the Shopify App for FedEx correctly, you should be able to find it under the App section as shown below.

fedex shipping zones

Under the Shopify Settings page, you’d find the Shipping option where you can define your shipping zones. The process is quite simple as you just have to define the area(s) where you plan on shipping.

fedex shipping zones

As an example, imagine that we are going to offer domestic FedEx services to the United States of America. And offer FedEx international services for regions and countries outside of it. You can even select the services that should be displayed under each shipping zone. Have a look at the following image.

fedex shipping zones


This guide was about how shipping zones can be configured in WooCommerce Shipping plugin for FedEx and Shopify App for FedEx. It’s evident that these e-commerce solutions are great to offer FedEx services.

We hope this guide would have helped you. Let us know in the comment section if you have any queries. You can even contact our customer support for further assistance.

Happy selling!

4 thoughts on “Why FedEx is not in Shipping Zones Option

    • Anindo says:

      “No shipping methods” message usually occurs :
      -When the product weights & dimensions are missing
      -Invalid/Incorrect credentials
      -Incorrect shipper/recipient address
      Can you please ensure all the above setting up are configured correctly and then try again?
      Once done, you should not face any problem.

      Note: Kindly ensure you are using Live Credentials, as FedEx Test servers seems down at the moment.

  1. langermank
    langermank says:

    What do you mean by “just enable both shipping methods”? Can I set up custom shipping rules under ‘shipping zones’ to work along with the fedex plugin? For instance, I want to enable local delivery for specific zip codes.

    • Anindo says:

      Hi Langermank,

      You can create a zone for local delivery under WooCommerce –> Shipping –> Shipping zones.
      In parallel, just enable the “Realtime Rates” option in our plugin settings page. This will enable our plugin to show rates in the cart/checkout page. Once done, both Local delivery and FedEx rates will be displayed.

      Hope that helps!
      Let us know if you have any query.

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