WooCommerce Conditional Shipping with Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin

With this guide, we’ll help you set up WooCommerce conditional shipping on your WooCommerce store using the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier shipping plugin.

What is WooCommerce Conditional Shipping?

The ability to control WooCommerce shipping methods based on various conditions is a feature sought after by many store owners. Being able to restrict specific methods to different regions or products can significantly enhance your shipping capabilities.

Only a few plugins, such as the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin and WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin, provide this conditional shipping functionality.

The Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin, in particular, offers robust features to customize shipping methods according to your business needs. Additionally, you can determine how items should be packed into shipping boxes.

How to Set Up Multiple WooCommerce Shipping Conditions

The WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin allows you to calculate shipping costs and display shipping methods based on a range of conditions and parameters. Here are some of the parameters you can control with this plugin:

  1. WooCommerce Shipping Zones
  2. WooCommerce Shipping Classes
  3. Quantity of items/packages
  4. Destination city
  5. Postal/Zip-codes
  6. Package weight

And so much more…

Let’s begin by showing you how to display multiple WooCommerce shipping methods on the Cart and Checkout pages.

Display Multiple WooCommerce Shipping Methods on Cart/Checkout Pages

Using the Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin, you can choose to display the individual shipping costs for multiple products. The plugin also offers the option to group shipping methods together.

If there are two or more products in the Cart then the shipping cost will be the sum of the individual shipping costs. Let us understand both situations carefully by looking at the video shown below.

In the above video, as soon as we enable the Show Method Groups option, the two shipping rates show up on the Cart page. The FedEx and the Stamps USPS shipping services show different shipping rates. So, if a customer selects Stamps USPS as the shipping option then he or she has to pay that amount.

In the latter part of the video, we have shown what happens when the option is enabled. The rate is calculated by adding up the shipping costs of both shipping rates. So in this case, the total shipping rate will turn up to be $61.71 + $8.15 = $69.86

WooCommerce Shipping Methods Based on Quantity

The plugin lets you hide and show certain shipping methods based on the quantity in the cart. You can set a condition for the shipping methods. If you look at the image given below, you can see that we have defined the minimum and maximum as 1 and 2. So, if the number of items crosses over 2 then that shipping method will be hidden. You can refer to the following video for the same.

woocommerce shipping certain areas

This is the best way to hide a shipping method by limiting the shipping quantity. Please note that you can define this rule on the basis of weight as well. For instance, assume that the weight limit is set between the values 2 lbs to 10 lbs. Now, if a customer increases the weight of that particular product on the Cart page and if that value crosses 10lbs then that shipping method will be hidden.

Many store owners can make use of this feature in order to sell items to their customers. They can use this strategy to prevent people from purchasing the item in bulk. Doing this can help them keep their stocks in check.

WooCommerce Shipping Methods to Certain Areas

There are times when a store owner doesn’t want to ship certain products to a certain zone. In many cases, this is usually done in order to save shipping costs that might be higher in that particular region. For example, if the shipping cost to the state of Georgia is high when compared to Ohio then the store owner can hide that particular shipping service.

woocommerce conditional shipping

In the image shown above, we have defined the shipping rule in such a way that a customer from Georgia cannot choose FedEx as the shipping option. He or she will be forced to choose the shipping service as Stamps USPS. Whereas another customer from New York will be able to choose from either FedEx or Stamps USPS.

In the video below, the store owner does not want to ship the item to the state of Georgia by FedEx rather he wants to do it by Stamps USPS. We can clearly see that the shipping cost of the Stamps USPS is quite low when compared to that of FedEx.

woocommerce shipping quantity

When the customer enters the shipping address to Georgia, the FedEx service disappears from the cart page. This is a very important and useful feature to have in any online store. This will give you better control over the sales and how you ship your items to your customers.


In summary, this article covers various functionalities related to WooCommerce shipping methods using the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin. These features enable store owners to customize their shipping processes, offer multiple shipping methods, and exert greater control over how products are shipped to customers.

For more information about the WooCommerce Multi-Carrier Shipping plugin, visit the product page. If you require assistance with our plugins, feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support; they’re always ready to help. Happy selling! 🙂