Kalium Theme Compatible with WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

kalium theme with shipping

In this article, we will also cover a WoCommerce theme and we will check its compatibility with one of the most advanced shipping plugins, WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro. The theme that we will be discussing in this article is the Kalium Theme by Laborator.

There are tons of WordPress themes suitable for WooCommerce. Most of them can be easily made to work with WooCommerce. However, in some cases, the chances of a theme working flawlessly with WooCommerce become quite slim. The reason is, that there are a lot of plugins with advanced functionality within a WooCommerce store. So in that case, a theme needs to be compatible with both WooCommerce and the other advanced WooCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro by PluginHive is one of the best shipping plugins. This advanced shipping plugin helps store owners to customize shipping rate calculations. With the help of WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro, store owners can easily calculate shipping rates based on various factors such as product weight, product quantity, cart value, and much more. What makes it such a powerful plugin is its advanced calculation mode. It has the following calculation modes,

  • Per Order
    The plugin calculates the shipping rates per order.
  • Per Item
    The plugin calculates the shipping rate for each quantity of a particular item.
  • Per Line Item
    The plugin calculates the shipping rates only once for multiple quantities of a particular item.
  • Per Shipping Class
    The plugin calculates the shipping rates once per shipping class.

With the option to calculate shipping rates based on shipping rules and the above-mentioned calculation modes, this plugin can achieve any shipping scenario. Now let’s what features are there in the theme that we will be seeing in this article.

Kalium Theme

Kalium Theme by Laborator is a responsive theme that is fully compatible with WooCommerce. This theme offers tons of customizations with features like Visual Composer. One of the interesting features of this theme is the Coming Soon Mode and the Maintenance Mode. These allow store owners to customize the website in case of emergencies like maintenance or some mishappenings. The following images show a similar view of how a website will look in case of emergencies.

Maintenance mode
Maintenance mode

Coming Soon Mode
Coming Soon Mode

Now, let’s check how well it displays the cart and checkout page, where WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro shipping rates will be displayed.

Shipping Rates on the Cart Page

Talking about compatibility, one of the areas where WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro’s shipping rules reflect is the cart page. Based on the factors that the store owners select, the plugin calculates the shipping rates, and these rates are shown on the cart page. Themes that are compatible with WooCommerce often create some difficulties on the cart page, as the shipping rates are dynamic and can change on several factors.
However, Kalium Theme displays the cart page accurately without any issues. Most of the themes have issues with the text alignment in place of shipping rates, cart sub-total, and the total amount. Yet, the image below shows how perfectly the theme displays the shipping rates, cart sub-total as well as total amount.

Text alignment on cart
Text alignment on the cart

Shipping Rates on the Checkout Page

Since everything works fine on the cart page, now let’s check for the checkout page. Once the buyer selects the shipping methods on the cart page, it is mandatory to enter the shipping address on the checkout page. And based on the address provided there, the shipping rates can update if the address changes.
Kalium Theme performs great on the checkout page too. The shipping rates are shown clearly and the shipping address field is also clearly visible. There are no alignment issues that are very common while working with any other theme. The image below shows the checkout page with the Kalium Theme.

Shipping rates on checkout page
Shipping rates on the checkout page

Here is a video attached to show you how the plugin and the theme work together.


So this article covered the Kalium Theme by Laborator. It is a beautiful theme that is pretty easy to customize. The theme is very fast and responsive with tons of customizations available. Kalium theme is fully compatible with WooCommerce and hence it easily helps integrate your store into the site. This means that it must be fully compatible with advanced shipping plugins such as WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro. This WooCommerce plugin is one of the best shipping plugins that offers shipping rate calculations based on factors like weight, price, quantity, etc. This article covers how the theme works with the plugin, especially on the cart and checkout pages.

If you require any additional information about the plugin as well as the theme, we have shared the official product page links below. Feel free to get in touch with our support team if you need any assistance.

About the plugins

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Pro by PuginHive

  • Create Shipping Rules for shipping cost calculation
  • Calculates shipping rates based on
    • Product Weight
    • Product Quantity
    • Cart Value
    • Shipping Class
    • Destination Address
    • Product Category
  • Advanced Calculation Modes
  • Premium Version Cost – $69

Kalium Theme by Laborator

  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Quick and Responsive
  • Easily Customizable
  • Built-in Visual Composer
  • Theme Cost – $60