WooCommerce Free Shipping Based on Quantity- Table Rate Shipping


With this article, we’ll show you how to provide WooCommerce Free Shipping based on quantity using the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin.

You will also learn how to provide WooCommerce Free shipping beyond a certain number of items with the WooCommerce Per Product shipping concept.

So, let’s begin.

WooCommerce Free Shipping Based on Quantity

High shipping cost is one of the main reasons why you frequently see abandoned carts in your store. Most people just leave the cart page as soon as they see the shipping price score out of their budget.

On the other hand, providing free shipping isn’t always a profitable approach since you’ll be the one to bear the complete shipping cost. Sure, it can help you sell more on special occasions like Black Friday or Christmas, but not every time.

So how do you effectively offer free shipping?

You can easily increase your store sales if you have some mechanism to efficiently manage WooCommerce shipping costs. By managing the shipping cost properly and effectively providing free shipping, you could see a huge difference in sales.

WooCommerce Free Shipping on Orders over 50 Products

This is a common case of conditional shipping that involves WooCommerce shipping elements like Shipping class, product cost, product category, etc., Let’s take an example and see how the above business case can be achieved.

According to Sam, a WooCommerce store owner,

Hi, can you please show me how to set up a shipping rate for a specific product and charge a flat rate for shipping that product up to a certain number of items? After that, I don’t want to charge any postage at all. So a person purchases 0-49 of a particular item and irrespective of where the shipping is to, it is a cost of $20. If they purchase 50+ of that item it is free shipping. Thanks in advance!

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin

Since Sam wants to provide WooCommerce Free Shipping based on quantity, he needs to create shipping rules based on his business needs to calculate the shipping rate per product.

Sam wants this in case of a particular product so he will have to create a separate shipping class for that product. Based on his requirements, he will have to select the following Matrix Columns from the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin settings.

  • Method Title
  • Method Group
  • Shipping Class
  • Item
  • Rates Based On
  • Base Cost

Creating WooCommerce Shipping Rules in the Plugin

Once Sam is done with selecting the factors that will determine his shipping rules, he can easily configure the plugin to create the shipping rules. Based on his requirements, the customers must be pay a shipping cost of $20 for the product quantity up to 49. If the total quantity reaches 50 or more, the shipping option must change to WooCommerce Free Shipping.

Sam’s shipping rules would be similar to the rules shown in the image below.


Now when the customer adds less than or equal to 49 products into the cart, the shipping method is selected as Standard Shipping.


If this quantity is increased beyond that, the shipping method changes to Free Shipping with no shipping cost whatsoever.


Hence this way if a customer wants to save money on shipping he will be buying more products and hence will increase the sales for Sam.

WooCommerce Free Shipping Per Product using Shipping Class and Product Category

You can also provide WooCommerce Free Shipping for each product based on Shipping Class and Product Category. So lets you want to offer free shipping for lighter products like Mobile accessories then you can assign one Shipping Class/Product Category to it and another for the Mobile.

For the above requirements, you need to select the following Matrix Columns options found under the Settings tab of the plugin setting page.

  • Method Title
  • Zone List
  • Shipping Class
  • Product Category
  • Base Cost

Have a look at the sample shipping rule table shown below.


Based on the above rule, when both Mobile and Mobile Accessories come into the cart, Standard Shipping is selected and the total shipping cost is $20. Please look at the image below.


Now let’s say, one buyer only needs Mobile Accessories and decides to move it to the cart. In that case, only the Free Shipping option is selected and the other one is hidden. Have a look at the image below.


This is another way of offering WooCommerce Free Shipping option based on per product. Moreover, this shipping type gives you a lot of control since you have two prime parameters in control – Shipping Class and Product Category.

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Adjusting the shipping cost is one of the best ways to increase store sales. Providing free shipping on certain products can really help your case.

In this article, we discussed how WooCommerce store owners can increase sales by providing WooCommerce Free Shipping based on quantity. We also saw the steps to provide WooCommerce Free Shipping on Order over a certain product quantity using the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping.

If you need more help in setting up WooCommerce shipping then feel free to Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our support team would help you set it in no time.

Happy selling!