Installation and Activation of Shopify Australia Post App

This guide explains how to download, install and activate Shopify Australia Post App to get real-time shipping rates, print labels, and enable tracking on your Shopify store. To know more about the advantages and other features of this app, kindly visit the Shopify Australia Post App page.


  • Australia Post Account

Before you start setting up the Shopify Australia Post App, you need to have an account with Australia Post. If you don’t have an Australia Post account yet, you’d have to register with Australia Post and get the credentials. Check out ‘How to get Australia Post account and API credentials?‘ if you need help in getting the Australia Post credentials for the first time. 

Once your Australia Post account is ready, you would require the following information/credentials while setting up the App. 

  1. Account Number
  2. API Key
  3. API Password

How to Add, Install, and Activate the Shopify Australia Post App?

The first and foremost step is to find the App and install it on your Shopify store. Follow the steps below for that:

Adding the App to Your Shopify Store

  • Go to the Apps section and click on Visit the Shopify App Store inside the dashboard of your Shopify store.

Finding Shopify Australia Post App in the Shopify Store

  • When you’re in the Shopify App Store, you need to search for “Australia Post Rates and Labels” and then click on “Add app”. 

Search for Australia post rates and label on App store

  • Click on the Australia Post Rates & Labels to add it to your list. You should be able to see the option Add app as shown in the image below. 

Add Shopify Australia Post app

Installing the Shopify Australia Post App

  • Once you’ve added the App to your Shopify store, the setup wizard with guide you to the Installation page where you need to click on Install app.

Installing Shopify Australia Post

Activating Shopify Australia Post App

After adding and installing the App, the next step is to activate the App in order to use it. Follow the following steps required to activate the Australia Post App on your store.

  • You will be redirected to the Approve charge page after a successful installation. Click on Start free trial.

Start your free trial of Shopify Australia Post

  • Following the Approve charge page, you will be taken to the Get Started under the app.

Getting Started with Shopify Australia Post

  • Now you’re required to fetch your Australia Post credentials and configure your account details.

Enter your Australia Post account details

  • The account will be activated once you Save your Australia Post Account details. Click on Finish. 

Shopify Australia Post account setup complete

There you have it! The Shopify Australia Post App by PluginHive is activated on your Shopify store. You can manage orders, display real-time rates, print labels in bulk and send tracking details to your customers.

Need more help?

We hope this guide would have helped you add, install and activate the Shopify Australia Post App. In case you’re facing any issue or have any questions regarding the installation and activation, Contact PluginHive Customer Support. Our team will help you resolve any issues.

Good luck 🙂