Installation & Activation of Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx

We will see how to download, install and activate the Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx to get real-time shipping estimates, print labels, and enable tracking on your Shopify store.

How to Add, Install, and Activate the Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx?

The following video helps you understand the process of installing and activating the PH Ship, Rate and Track.


From the dashboard of your Shopify store, go to the Apps section and click on Recommended apps> Shopify app store.

Shopify app

Click on Shopify App Store:

visit shopify app store

Search for “PH Ship, Rate, and Track”. Click on “Add app”.



Once you add the app to your store, you will get redirected to this page. Click on “Install App”.


After the installation is done, the page will redirect to the “Approve charge” page.



Since the app is available for free for merchants from Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, PluginHive will not charge you for using the app.

Following the Approve charge page, you will be taken to the App Installation page. Fill it up with your Email, Phone Number and check the “I agree with the Terms and conditions and Privacy policy“. Once all the details are filled in, click on Get Started:

license agreement

Now you need to configure your FedEx Account Name, Number, and other details & click Save as shown below:

fill up fedex account credentials

Lastly, click on Finish to successfully complete your FedEx account setup:

fedex account set up

Hence, these are the steps to download, install and activate the Shopify FedEx app. To know more about the Shopify FedEx app and its features, visit Shopify Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx.

In case you face any issues or have any questions regarding the installation and activation, please contact us and we will help you resolve any issues.