Add Handling Charges to WooCommerce UPS Shipment

Most of the time shipping products to customers involves more than just confirming the order and preparing the customer’s package. Sometimes WooCommerce store owners may want to add additional charges based on handling the product, transportation, etc. along with the usual shipping charges.

Using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin, store owners can add handling charges to their products based on the UPS shipping methods. You can add these charges to one or more than one shipping methods.

With WooCommerce UPS Shipping Plugin you can add additional charges using two price adjustments.

  • Price adjustment based on figures.
  • Price adjustment based on percentage.

To add additional handling charges to your WooCommerce shipment you can follow the steps below:

  • Select UPS from the WooCommerce settings.

shipping zones

  • There in the UPS Shipping methods/services, you can add preferred price adjustments in figures or percentages.

shipping zones

shipping zones

One thing to be noted is that if you add both the price adjustments, i.e. figures and percentages, the final charges will be a combination of both these charges.