Print Shipping Labels for Shopify Flat Rate Shipping


In Shopify, you can set up free, flat, or calculated shipping rates based on your business requirement. If you’re shipping items that require accurate rates, Shopify Carrier Calculated Rates is the way to go.

If, on the other hand, you send a defined category of items and do not need to measure your shipments, you can ship them straight using flat or free shipping rates. But the major challenge is to ship these orders. In this guide, we have discussed how you can print shipping labels for Shopify flat and free rate shipping and fulfill your orders in the Shopify store.

Flat Rate Shipping in Shopify

To add a flat rate in Shopify head over to Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Manage 

shopify shipping and delivery

Next click on Add Rates to add the Flat Rate

add rate

Select Set up your own rates and add a name & price under Rate Name & Price respectively click on Save.

add rate and cost

Once the flat rate is added it will show like this and you need to click on Save in order to apply it:

flat rate

Flat Rate Shipping with Multiple Carriers 

To ship the order/s at a Flat Rate using shipping carriers, first, you need to get the code and then set up the shipping rule. Let’s check out how to do that:

Get the code for the Shopify Flat Rate 

Once the rates are added place an order with the Flat Rate:

shopify checkout

Now navigate to the Shopify Orders section and click on the order placed with the Flat Rate. To get the code enter .json at the end of the order URL as shown below:

json flat rate code

If you find difficulty finding the code, then open the JSON Formatter in Google and check the code for the Shopify Flat Rate with which the order is placed, and copy it as shown below:

JSON Formatter

Create a Shipping Rule 

Now, navigate to the PH MultiCarrier Shipping Label App & add the copied code under Automation > Setup. Also, configure the Carrier and the Service/s & Shipper From Address as shown below:

shipping rule

Head over to the app’s Order section, select an order, and click on Generate Label:

print shipping label

Your shipping label will get downloaded. Since we added FedEx International Connect Plus to the automation rule, the label reflects the same:

shipping label

Now you can ship with multiple carriers at a flat rate within your Shopify store by following these easy steps.

Interested to know more about Custom Shipping or how PluginHive can help you with your shipping requirements? Feel free to reach out to our shipping experts today!