FedEx Freight shipping with Shopify

We will see what is FedEx Freight shipping and how you can integrate the FedEx Freight shipping services to your Shopify store using the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx.

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What is FedEx Freight?

Any shipment over 150 lbs is considered freight. Freight shipping is the transportation of goods, commodities, and cargo in bulk. It can be transported domestically or internationally by land, air, or sea. FedEx Freight service is an easy-to-ship and economical service, all included in one streamlined LTL network. Small and medium businesses can save shipping costs by using this shipping method where the package is heavier than 150 lbs.

FedEx Freight shipments may be palletized or non-palletized and can be used when the overall orders weigh between 150 lbs & 20,000 lbs and measure up to 21 feet in length. The FedEx Freight service days are Monday through Friday with Saturday pickup & delivery available. 

What are the services provided by FedEx Freight?

FedEx Freight provides Air and Ocean Cargo apart from LTL (Less than Truckload) Freight services. Some of the services provided by FedEx Freight are listed below.

1. FedEx First Freight
2. FedEx 1 Day Freight
3. FedEx 1 Day Freight Saturday Delivery
4. FedEx 2 Day Freight
5. FedEx 2 Day Freight Saturday Delivery
6. FedEx 3 Day Freight
7. FedEx 3 Day Freight Saturday Delivery
8. FedEx International Economy Freight
9. FedEx International Priority Freight Saturday Delivery
10. FedEx Freight Economy
11. FedEx Freight Priority

How to get the FedEx Freight Account

You can easily register for a FedEx freight account. You will have to fill up the details which include your personal information and the address details.


Upon registering with FedEx, you will get the credentials for FedEx Freight shipping services. The credentials provided are generic and can be used by anyone who wants to have the live FedEx Freight account.

If you need to start by applying for a Fedex account, refer the below guides.

How To Register at FedEx and Get Developer Test Credentials?
How to Get FedEx Production Credentials and Enable FedEx Label Generation for Your Account?

What are Freight Classes?

Freight Classes are created to provide merchants with a common standardized freight pricing. The Freight classes are based on the weight, height, and length of the product. Below is the list of available Freight classes.


What is BoL (Bill of Lading)?

For FedEx, the BoL (VICS Bill of Lading) will act as the final shipping invoice and label for the Freight being shipped. The BoL is a legally bound document that details the type, quantity, and destination of the goods being transported. This document is to accompany the shipped goods no matter the form of transportation. The BoL is a document that needs to be duly signed by, the shipper, the carrier, and the receiver.

A sample BoL is provided in the next section.

Setting up Freight shipping using the Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx

Configuring the FedEx Freight account

The first step is to configure the FedEx Freight account. To do that, head to App settings --> Account --> Enable FedEx Freight. Once you enable FedEx Freight, you will have the option to configure the FedEx Freight account.

enable fedex freight

Choose the required Freight services

The next step is to enable the required FedEx Freight services. Head to App settings --> Rates. You can see all the FedEx Freight services supported by the app. By default, all the services will be enabled under the app. You can disable the services that are not required.

If required, you can add an Adjustment value or an Adjustment (%) for the Freight services, which allows you to add an additional charge over the shipping costs. You can visit understanding FedEx shipping rates in your Shopify store to know more.


Set the Default Box Dimensions for Freight services

fedex freight packaging

FedEx Freight shipping rates on the Shopify checkout page

Once you have set up everything, add a product to the cart, and proceed to checkout. You will be able to see the FedEx Freight services at checkout as shown below.

freight rates at checkout

Generate shipping labels (BoL) for your Freight shipments

After the order is placed, head to the Shopify orders section. Select the required order and click on “Auto-generate Labels”.

generate shipping label

This will generate the labels that will be available under the shipping section within the app. You can click on the “print icon” to print the label.

print documents

Here is a sample FedEx shipping label (BoL).

fedex freight shipping label


Before the Label can be generated please ensure that the Print Label Size and the Image type are configured to PAPER_LETTER and .PDF respectively. This is required as the BoL can ONLY be printed using the above-mentioned label format and label type.

FedEx Freight Special services

The app supports 4 FedEx Freight special services; Lift Gate Delivery, Lift Gate Pickup, Inside Delivery, and Inside Pickup.

To enable these special services, head to App settings --> Auto settings --> Freight Special services. Enable the required FedEx Freight Special services.


FedEx Liftgate Delivery

Shopify Ship, Rate and Track for FedEx provides the Liftgate Delivery feature which is the final part of the liftgate process. Once FedEx reaches its delivery address, it can lower the freight items from the trailer level to the ground level, so that the buyer can take the shipments right to their gate without worrying about anything else.

FedEx Liftgate Pickup

With the Liftgate pickup service, FedEx can bring along their lift-gate device and raise shipments from ground level to the level of the trailer. This way they can load the freight packages much easier and quicker.

FedEx Inside Pickup

When you request this service, FedEx moves the shipments from positions beyond the adjacent loading area. For this, FedEx usually charges an inside pickup charge in addition to all other applicable charges. The adjacent loading area is defined as a pickup site that should be no more than 50 feet inside the outermost door. This is one of the special FedEx special pickup services.

FedEx Inside Delivery

The app allows you to request an inside pickup service for FedEx Express Freight Services. The Inside delivery option is intended for store owners who do not have the necessary equipment to move shipments to the loading area. FedEx Inside Delivery is available for FedEx 1Day Freight, FedEx 2Day Freight, and FedEx 3Day Freight shipping services.

FedEx Freight Direct

FedEx Freight Direct is a freight service that handles the delivery of bulky items like televisions, furniture, exercise equipment, etc, to customers’ homes and businesses, and also offers light assembly for an additional fee.

FedEx Freight Direct is offered mainly through two different delivery instructions, including:

1. Standard: Standard delivery includes a two-hour delivery window. This also includes the ability for customers to select delivery times and receive proactive tracking notifications.

2. Premium: Premium delivery includes all the same features as Standard along with delivery to the room of choice and packaging removal (if required). Premium deliveries will be handled by two FedEx Freight members to ensure safety and quality delivery.

If you have any queries regarding setting up FedEx Freight with the app, do contact our support.