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It always seems to overlook the FedEx Ground and not include it as an option at checkout

Does the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label overlook the FedEx Ground and not include it as an option at the Checkout? Here’s the solution for that.

Customer :

I have FedEx Ground, FedEx Express Saver, and Priority Overnight all enabled, but it always seems to overlook the FedEx Ground and not include it as an option at checkout Do you now why?


Our Plugin calculates rates on the basis of following metrics:

* Sender Address.

* Recipient Address.

* Product Dimension and Weight.

Our plugin shows only those services which are returned by the FedEx calculator

( for the above metrics.

Kindly check whether you are getting the FedEx ground on FedEx calculator.

If you are getting the service there, kindly provide us with the following information

* FedEx calculator.

*Debug request and response in a text file.

Customer :

I’ve attached the FedEx calculator screenshot and the checkout calculator. I guess the difference in price is explained by them using dimensional weight and my inputting the actual weight. Either way, it shows up in their calculator.

fedex shipping

fedex shipping services


FedEx calculator screenshot states that you are shipping domestically ie (From Longview to Ruston).

However, in the debug request, we can see that you are shipping internationally( From US to BE Belgium).

This is the reason for the different service returned by our plugin and the FedEx Calculator.

We would request you to check the same details in both FedEx Calculator and in the plugin.


My browser starts off with Belgium, yes…so I’m not sure why the debug isn’t updating. I change the address to Ruston, Louisiana, and the shipping box updates, but it doesn’t include Ground.


You have selected the residential option in the plugin settings, this will consider every ship to address as residential, that’s why the FedEx ground service was not coming.

Note- FedEx ground service generally comes up for the commercial address. For residential address, FedEx ground home delivery comes up

We uncheck the residential option and we are getting the FedEx ground service.

Also, we are assuming that you want to set FedEx ground service as free, then in that case (-100%) price adjustment should be made in the plugin settings.

For Address Validation Request and Response

We notice that you are getting authentication failed error for address validation.

The Address Validation service identifies whether the address is commercial or residential.

To get the accurate rates it’s a good practice to have the Address Validation service.

Address validation is an advance FedEx service, that requires the authorization from FedEx.

You need to contact FedEx support and kindly check the following link for the FedEx guidelines for advance services

Regarding the debug update problem:

This usually happens because of the cache issue

It is recommended to disable the rate cache in the Settings Status -> Tools.

Also, disable the browser cache during the testing phase to avoid the cache issue.

Last Updated On September 16, 2018